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Using angel & oracle cards for difficult times

Wise people always say that life is like a roller-coaster ride. It takes you to extreme highs and then brings you down to extreme lows. And if you think about it, this is what makes life interesting, even meaningful. We learn so much during our time on this planet, and it's all because of the mix of good and bad situations.

Obviously, when you are going through the brighter days in life, you don't need any support. During such times, you feel as though you are on top of the world, and everything flows.

However, during the darker days we tend to lose our bearings. It's in times like these that you need all the support you can get. This is where the loving Angel & Oracle Cards come in. It can help you make sense of your situation and even show you the path forward.

Allowing Angel & Oracle Cards To Show You The Way

When you're in a dark room, a simple candle can help you see things to move around. Similarly, when you are in a dark phase in your life, you need something that can illuminate things and help you move forward too. This is what Angel & Oracle Cards do for you.

The uplifting imagery that is used in a such decks of cards talk to your subconscious mind and help you perceive things that your conscious mind can't yet. An Angel & Oracle Card reading can reveal so many things that you just didn't know or couldn't have thought about earlier. In a way, Angel & Oracle Cards are like a spiritual candle that brings clarity to your thoughts and perception. This enables you to understand what the situation is, why you landed in it, what you are meant to learn from it, and how you can get yourself out of it. Knowing all of this can put you back in the driver's seat and help you take charge of your life one day at a time.

Simply using Angel & Oracle Cards dispels negative emotions like fear, anxiety, frustration, and helplessness. They also make you feel incredibly supported and fill you with a renewed sense of hope and courage, because they put you in touch with your higher angelic self.

A Simple Spread For Difficult Times

During difficult times, when you are in need of some guidance, you can use a simple spread to help yourself out. In this spread, you are going to pull four cards from a shuffled deck one by one.

Then look at what these four cards will represent:

  1. The first card will denote what your biggest challenge is right now. This will help you understand your situation better.

  2. The second card will represent the best path for overcoming this challenge. This will show you how you can proceed further on your path.

  3. The third card will represent what you need from other people. This will tell you how you can reach out to your loved ones and what you might need from them to feel better and solve your challenges.

  4. The fourth card will represent what you need to focus on right now. This will further help you deal with the difficult times.

Happy reading.

Ps. If you are curious about why Angel & Oracle Cards work so well and how to do it (even professionally) then join the Angel & Oracle Card Workshop this Sunday. It's one of the most fun and light-hearted workshops I teach. I can't wait.

With so much love always,


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