Virginie Esprit 2021 - blurred backgroun
A Starseed...

Just like you!

I am Virginie Esprit and I am here to invite you to the stars and to (re)align you with your  Universe.


Virginie Esprit is a Starseed with active memories from her lifetimes in the Andromedan Galaxy, known to earth as Messier 31 (M31). She remains connected to her higher avatar 'Kaleila', a beautiful tall blue female being, who is an Andromedan ambassador of the council of the federation of light.


Through her expanded awareness and cosmic consciousness Virginie accesses universal information and downloads healing concepts and tools that assist not only her clients but humanity as a whole in the shifting of their consciousness, which allows for an acceleration of the ascension process through the release of ancestral and intergenerational traumas, past lives and through the healing of their multi-dimensional bodies.

For over a decade, Virginie has been providing thousands of clients and students with teachings, attunements as well as consciousness and DNA activations which have been assisting, in remembering who they are and how to align themselves to their divine mission here on earth. For many student life began to make sense again.


Virginie is based on the east coast of NSW in Australia where she runs a busy practise. She assists her clients in person and online.


In her early twenties, Virginie acquired a bachelor degree in human resource management and has assisted German cooperations as a human resource manager and business developer for many years.


She is a 7th generation Reiki Master Teacher of the Usui lineage, an accredited Master Teacher of Angelic Reiki®, a Master Teacher of SEKHEM and Celestial Reiki and has initiated over 1000 students into the healing arts.



Virginie specialises in Trauma & Cellular Memory Release and (AI) Implant Technology Removal. She focuses on transferring 5D consciousness into the collective consciousness on earth and unplugs Starseeds from the 4D artificial intelligence control and false light matrix.

Virginie's focus is to liberate Starseeds from all FEAR that keep their body and mind hostage. In a safe and relaxed environment, Virginie helps her clients and students to locate fearful and trapped emotions in their bodies, that hold a high energetic charge, originating from physical, sexual, emotional or mental abuse and other unprocessed traumatic life and/or past-life experiences.




Virginie's purpose is to reconnect Starseeds, Lightworkers, Cyclebreakers, Healers, Empaths and Intuitives with their star origins and star families and to activate them so they may recognise and pursue their earth mission and life's purpose while utilising their universal gifts and emitting their cosmic frequency they came here to embody.


I see you Starseed.

Thanks for being part of this timeline to enforce our mission of LOVE.