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Angel & Oracle Cards For WellBeing

Incorporating Angel & Oracle Cards Into Your Spiritual Practice

Angel & Oracle cards have been a constant companion of mine, ever since they found me in my mid 20s. My first deck of card was a ‘German Gypsy’ deck. It spoke to me on so many levels. I was somehow able to effortless read these cards and offer guidance to myself and others. I loved those cards and was glad they took me on as their student. Those kind of cards were rather rare and had a very different (more light-hearted) energy to them compared to the traditional Tarot cards.

Those ‘German Gypsy’ cards were the precursor to the Angel & Oracle cards that were published a few years later, which I became a huge fan of.

Angel & Oracle cards can be used for general or specific guidance as well as divining the future.

They also serve as a powerful tool in your spiritual development and self-discovery, when you allow the cards into your daily life and spiritual practice. They have a way of connecting you to a higher power, be it the Universe, the Divine, Mother Earth, Goddess, God, your Higher Self, Source, the Great Intelligence, or whatever other term resonates most with you.

Some people might have the impression that Angel & Oracle cards are merely a divination practice. But Angel & Oracle cards readers and those who have experienced a reading know that it is much, much more. In fact, for many people, reading Angel & Oracle cards is a spiritual practice that lets them connect with themselves, discover their true nature, find their purpose, introspect, seek wisdom, seek clarity, and so much more.

Anybody can use Angel & Oracle cards

Essentially, anybody can use Angel & Oracle cards for their well-being as part of their self-care practice. In that sense, Angel & Oracle cards can be your constant companion to whom you can turn to for support and comfort any time you feel like it.

4 reasons why Angel & Oracle cards are so good for your well-being

  1. They make sense of your world. Angel & Oracle cards are extremely powerful in that they help you make sense of your world. Most of the time, thoughts and emotions do not make sense as long as they are inside you. So they need an outlet. Angel & Oracle cards have the ability to bring your subconscious to the conscious. They display events and organise thought patterns right in front of your eyes. It is quite magical to watch your inner wold to organise itself externally, so you can make sense of it.

  2. They break negative thought patterns. Sometimes, we get trapped in the same negative patterns of thought. These patterns can be self-limiting and can cause anxiety and distress. They might also manifest in other negative ways in your life. So, it's quite important to break any negative thought patterns you might have. Angel & Oracle cards make you aware that you are stuck in a negative pattern and lovingly show you how to disrupt these patterns and break free. This goes a long way in ensuring your mental and emotional well-being.

  3. They offer comfort and clarity. We have all been in moments where we were completely overwhelmed due to the situation at hand. We have all been in the difficult phases of life when nothing seems to make sense. It is in times like these that our well-being takes the most drastic hit. Again, Angel & Oracle cards can come to the rescue in times like these. When you're feeling anxious you can pull up a card to see what you need to do to feel better. In that way, the card acts as a grounding method. Also, when you are going through a rough patch, you can consult your Angel & Oracle cards for comfort and to gain clarity. Asking just one question can give you the insight you need: "What do I think is going on?”.

  4. They connect with your loved ones. If there is one thing that improves your well-being, it is connecting with your loved ones. Spending just a few hours with them can boost your mental and emotional health drastically. To nurture your relationships with them, you can turn to Angel & Oracle cards. You can pull a card in the presence of a loved one and then examine it with an open mind. Ask each other how the card relates to your relationship, what you can learn from it and what feelings it brings up. Doing so will help you establish a deeper bond with them too.

Angel & Oracle cards are quite magical, really. Even though there is absolutely no magic involved when reading them. They are a fantastic tool to tap into your own inner wisdom and to allow a greater intelligence to lovingly guide you along your journey.

I use mine daily. They keep me grounded. They keep me centred in my heart. They remind me of the greater good and let me see the bigger picture. They let me get out of my head. They keep me connected to source energy. They connect me with my angelic and galactic families and they boost my happy hormones, every single time.

Angel & Oracle cards can be used in a variety of ways and in my Angel & Oracle Card Workshops I teach you everything you need to know to confidently read cards for yourself or others.

How to incorporate Angel & Oracle cards into your life

  • One very simple way to incorporate Angel & Oracle cards into your life is to pull a card every morning. As you wake up in the morning, you can make it a habit to pull a card as soon as you get out of bed. Then, as you go about your day, just reflect on the meaning of your card. Pay attention to how the card resonates with you, what lesson it might be trying to teach you, what issue they might be bringing to your attention, and so on. Doing so will not only help you feel guided and supported throughout the day but it will also strengthen your intuition and fine-tune your innate guidance system.

As long as you are being true to yourself and listening to the loving, guiding voice we all have within, you will know deep down what the right spiritual path and practices are for you.

Magical love to you,


P.s. If you're interested in learning more and becoming a "certified Angel & Oracle Card Reader", check out my upcoming workshop here:

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