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How to deal with narcissists in your life

- An Empowerment Tool -

Today I’d like to share an empowerment tool with all those who are dealing with egotistic and narcissistic people in their lives.

We all have them. At work, in the family, the community. Such people can be quite disempowering to sensitive people. They love to have power over others and are not afraid to show it verbally or physically, just to make them feel better about themselves. Narcissists love to oppose and counter argue, no matter how good or valid your proposal is. They thrive on conflict, chaos and criticism. They intimidate, gaslight and manipulate you until you surrender to their control. They cheat and lie, even under oath, to fit their narrative. A never ending cycle in which others can never win.

They come across as ‘powerful’ but they really are very weak within themselves. They have no internal power source, no moral compass and especially no true connection to their divine spark. So these people must get their ‘divine spark’ supply from sensitive people, empaths and lightworkers who carry plenty of that within themselves.

Here is something you must know. You have a special kind of power that they don’t, which is also the ultimate power tool against narcissistic people. Are you ready?




L O V E !

Ok. Ok. I can hear you say: “Oh Virginie, really? That’s so cliché.”

Alright, wait. ;)

Before you click away, hear me out. LOVE is everything for us as feeling beings. Love comes easily to us as starseeds, empaths and lightworkers. Love is the ultimate and Love is what sustains US!

But we all know that the act of loving a narcissist is never enough and not sustainable. We can love them until the cows come home and we turn blue in the face. Love is not going to change anything in narcissistic relationships and it also doesn’t get you anywhere.

What does get you somewhere is when you turn the LOVE inward. Yes, toward yourself. And I can also hear you say "yeah, that's also no news..."

But here is what I want you to do.

If you are forced to attend a meeting with a narcissist, may that be at work, at a family gathering, at a legal mediation or even at a court proceeding, take the ‘word’ love with you!

Bear with me, I will explain.

One of my favourite empowerment tool is using acronyms. I absolutely love working with acronyms.

I have turned the word ‘L.O.V.E.’ into my empowerment word when I am opposed by narcissists. And here is what it represents to me:

L - Let

O - Opposition

V - Validate

E - Empowerment

Here is the deal, narcissists wouldn’t oppose you if they thought you weren’t worth it. They must oppose and criticise you, because your valid statements, qualifications, professional opinions and your sheer brilliance, outshines them. And that can’t happen, since they are the only ones entitled to receive praise, attention and recognition.

So, see? You are doing something very right! And to keep your power, while dealing with them, I want you to write the word ‘love’ on a piece of paper, your laptop, the palm of your hand or whatever you have with you and use the ‘L.O.V.E’ acronym as your mantra.


In other words. The narcissists opposition only validates your empowered nature. So stay in that power and hold onto it. Let the narcissist find another source of power, preferably within themselves.

And while you stay empowered, invite comedy and humour into your life when dealing with such difficult people.

I hear, for example, that many people also use a two letter acronym for the narcissists in their lives that make them smile instead of shudder when their name is mentioned. You can play around with acronyms so beautifully and make them yours. It can literally be any letter.

Here’s an example on how to come up with fun words for a two letter acronym such as ‘FF’ for instance. FF can stand for ‘False-Faced’, ‘Fantastic Fiction’, ‘Fanciful Fantasies’, ‘Frivolous Fellow’ or simply ‘F@#! Face’… ;)

Acronyms are fantastic in empowering you to diffuse and transmute other people’s energetic impact on you as a feeling being. When you are opposed by egotistical or narcissistic people, such tools to help you to stay centred, stick to your boundaries and to remember how well you are really doing in life. Otherwise egotistic and narcissistic people wouldn’t be interested in controlling you.

So please take that with you and remember how powerful you are next time you are opposed by egotistic and narcissistic people.

L.O.V.E. always,


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