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Learn to meditate with Virginie esprit

Are you prepared to set out on a path of personal transformation and healing?


Join me as I lead you through the practical applications of various postures, breathwork techniques and meditation styles in my 'on-demand' Meditation Crash Course.

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Awaken your spirit and unlock your inner peace with this 5 module Meditation crash course.

If you're someone who...

  • Has tried counselling but felt that something was missing

No matter how many counselling or psychology sessions you attended, you just can't put your finger on why you keep feeling like something is missing or just not right.

  • Has sought out professional treatments and were prescribed medications

But you just don't seem to get better or find long term relief. You find yourself in a cycle that feels impossible to manage.

  • Feels like you don't belong

You've know for quite some time, that you are different. The way this world is structured, just doesn't make sense to you.


What if...

  • you stopped worrying about the past or feeling uncertain about the future?

  • you stopped feeling depressed or anxious about your circumstances, your health, emotional well-being and other people and instead started nurturing yourself while minimising stress and worries in your life?

Let me teach you exactly how.

Who is the Meditation Crash Course for?

This 5 module meditation crash course by Virginie Esprit is for anyone.

Whether your a beginner in meditation practice or an advanced meditator looking to brush up on the basics, you will learn something new in each module.

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Your online Meditation Crash Course includes:

Lifetime access

Replay the lessons and refresh your knowledge at any time.

Weekly planner

Set yourself up for success with the weekly planner.


Learn on-demand

You can set the pace on your learning experience and take it wherever you go.

Downloadable worksheets

To record your thoughts and preferences from each module.

5 modules

Easy to digest lessons with tips and tricks to implement into your day to day lifestyle.

3 guided meditations

Guided meditations for you to listen to any time, recorded by Virginie Esprit.

About your guide

Hi, I am Virginie Esprit. I am a certified Transformation Meditation Teacher, Trauma Informed Therapist and Energy Healer. For over 15 years now, I have been helping individuals manage chronic illness, release trauma, reduce anxiety and develop their spirituals gifts.


I am also a 7th generation Reiki master teacher of the Usui lineage, an accredited master teacher of Angelic Reiki®, a master teacher of SEKHEM and Celestial Reiki and have initiated over 1000 students into the healing arts, who are now confidently serving their communities by practicing their healing gifts.

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Benefits of meditation

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Mastering your life with the Ultimate 5 module meditation crash course

What are the benefits of this course?​

  • Learn the fundamentals of relaxing your mind through relaxation

  • Gain instant access to your course so you can begin your journey straight away

  • Access the 5 module meditation crash course on demand via the Virginie Esprit app or your computer.

MODULE # 1 - All about posture


I will teach you how to calm your mind and relax your body in under 5 minutes.

How to find the perfect position that works best for you and how to make meditation easy.

Learning outcomes:

  • Different postures

  • Why posture matters

  • Why meditation seems hard if it’s a simple matter of sitting in silence

  • How meditation affects you

  • What happens if you fall asleep

MODULE BONUS: Body Awareness Meditation - 5 minute guided meditation experience recorded by Virginie Esprit.


MODULE # 2 - All about the breath


I will teach you how to breath properly to instantly calm your nervous system.

How to reduce pain, stress and anxiety and how to build concentration.

Learning outcomes:

  • The breathing techniques such as

    • Deep Abdominal Breathing

    • Alternate Nostril Breathing

    • Breath Counting

  • Which techniques to use in different circumstances for

    • Immediate Stress Reduction

    • Balancing Brain Hemispheres

    • Building Concentration


MODULE # 3 - All about mindfulness


I will teach you how to calm your mind and be mindful instead of mind full.

How to stop worrying and enjoy life regardless of your circumstances.

Learning outcomes:

  • The difference between mindfulness and mind fullness

  • How to practice mindfulness

  • Mindfulness tools and how to incorporate them into your daily routines

  • How to stop worrying and enjoy life

  • The de-identification process


BONUS: De-Identification Process Meditation - 10 minute guided meditation experience


MODULE # 4 - All about active meditations


I will teach you the different ways to meditate and how to bring movement to your meditation practice.

And I will teach you how to activate your intuition and inner senses.

Learning outcomes:

  • What are active meditations and their benefits

    • Mindful Walking Meditation

    • Labyrinth Walking Meditation

    • Sensory Meditation

    • Candle Meditation 

  • Mantra Meditation and their benefit

  • Visualisation Meditation (internal & external)


MODULE # 5 All about inner exploration


I will teach you how you can get to know yourself better on a deeper level.

How to explore your inner workings and how to achieve a state of unity consciousness.

Learning outcomes:

  • Meditation as a way to get to know yourself on a deeper level

  • What is ‘Inner Exploration’

  • Who am I?

  • The state of Unity Consciousness

BONUS: "Who am I?" Meditation - 15 minute guided meditation experience



1. Guided meditation practice:


2. Guided Meditation practice


3. Guided Meditation practice:

"WHO AM I?" MEDITATION (15 minutes)

+ 5 Workbooks & Worksheets

for each module to record your progress

When you have the know-how of how to minimise stressors in your life, you can feel less anxious, less exhausted, less stressed, less unwell and have more energy to focus on nurturing your soul, your passions and your love for life.
Kind words from clients & students...
When you understand how much stress and worries impacts the quality of every area in your life and how to deal with health issues and any forms of anxiety, your life will become more joyful and you will be showing up as your best self, not just for others but most importantly for yourself.

Take your healing journey further

Heal, grow and thrive in only 8 weeks without endless medical and psychology appointments.

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