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"I no longer feel alone in this universe. I connected with my galactic family and remembered my purpose here on earth."
Virginie Esprit

Attune yourself to the healing frequency of cosmic love!


If you feel like you don't belong here, feel like the odd one out, have different world views, don't understand earth systems, are overwhelmed by the suffering and abuse on this planet, are the 'black sheep of the family', or simply missing 'home', then this training is for YOU!

Celestial Reiki is a new and very pure form of healing energy for this present time and is particularly healing for Starseeds, who streamed to Earth from faraway star systems as way showers, cycle breakers, peace makers, light workers and healers.

This system of cosmic healing re-connects the practitioner to their galactic home of origin. It introduces and develops a simple, gentle, loving and powerful way of working soul to soul with the practitioner's celestial, angelic and galactic guides and family. Through this re-connection the practitioner will ultimately access his/her memories and information as to their purpose here on earth and bring forth the practitioners gifts to assist in the ascension process of earth and humanity.



Starseeds are beings that have experienced life elsewhere in the Universe on other planets and in non-physical dimensions on and other than on Earth and usually feel 'alien' to this planet and its systems and starve to connect with their brothers and sisters here on earth.



With many Starseeds arising, Celestial REIKI is booming at present. It teaches how to tap into the universal life force energy, how to use it for healing yourself, others and the planet and how to channel celestial energy and beings such as Angels, Galactic Beings and Star-systems. It also re-connects Starseeds to their galactic origin/home planet.

Starseeds are lead to retain their extra terrestrial abilities such as energy healing, telepathy, astral traveling, perceiving and communication with other dimensions, accessing and reading the Akashic Records, channeling and a heightened and expanded consciousness.


  • Establishes a strong connection to one’s soul essence and galactic family

  • Explores the main common galactic races currently involved with the ascension process on earth

  • Eases the feeling of ‘homesickness’ for Starseeds and sets up clear line of communication with ‘home’ and the celestial realms

  • It eases grief of separation and helps heal emotional wounds

  • Assists in tapping into one’s soul memory, the akashic records and ancient wisdom

  • A reduction of stress and tension

  • An increase in energy, vitality and self-worth

  • Helps internal disorders and overwhelm related illnesses as well as realising past life issues and karma

  • Helps to harmonise by clearing blockages from mind, body and soul

  • Increases one's vibration and expands one's consciousenss to cosmic levels

  • Helps the individual to accept that they are wanted, needed and worthy

  • It heals at a deep level, going into a person’s whole state of being, both inner child and higher states for a release of all trauma and feeling of overall belonging and well-being

Please use the drop down menu below to find out more about each level...

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- Anytime by appointment -


Join the world of cosmic energy healing and start living a life of empowerment, magic and fulfillment.

Celestial Reiki meditating person universe light heart blue cosmos.jpeg


- Weekends only -


Join the world of cosmic energy healing and start living a life of empowerment, magic and fulfillment.

Celestial Reiki is the
healing system for all Starseeds
I am Virginie Esprit!

I am a Starseed myself. I was given clear instructions by my Andromedan family how to activate the dormant strands of  human DNA and how to plant seeds for an evolving and thriving civilisation here on Earth.

I remain in clear communication with my higher avatar called 'Kaleila' who is a gracious tall blue female being and an ambassador of the council of the federation of light.
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