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Do you feel drained after socialising or shopping?

Have you heard about the LAW OF EQUILIBRIUM also know as the LAW OF BALANCE?

There is a universal law that keeps everything in balance not just in our physical environment but also in our energetic environment. The law of balance states that in nature, everything tends to balance itself out. This means that when something changes in an ecosystem, the other elements in that ecosystem will adjust to compensate and maintain balance. It further shows us that all living things are connected and depend on each other to survive.

So here you are..., minding your business, going about your day as the positively-minded and heart-centred person that you are, wanting to spread as much love, peace and happiness into your community and you end up feeling drained as a result of it.

Why the heck is that?

To say it in Nikola Tesla’s words “To understand the universe, one must think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration."

So, there you are, a born lightworker, empath, starseed and cyclebreaker who carries a signature frequency (your soul essence) much higher than most people on this planet.

Oh I can hear you say: “Ok, but what does that have to do with feeling drained?” I’m glad you asked. ;)

Let me get a teeny bit technical…

Let’s visualise your energy field for a moment. Your energy field is primarily made up of your soul essence (other factors come in too as you live your life, of course). So, your soul essence contains particles of energy and they are suspended around your body in an oval shaped field, extending out from your body up to 18 feet (!), that is about 5.5 meters, radiating in all directions. *mindblownemoji

As a lightworker, empath, healer, starseed and cycle breaker, your soul essence is of a much higher frequency than most people and your energy field is quite extended. When you encounter people or places that are of much lower frequency to you, the law of balance will come into effect and your energy field will balance out the person or place. That literally means, that your energy field decreases, while the other persons or the place’s energy field increases.

When your energy field decreases, you will immediately feel depleted, drained, tired, exhausted, overwhelmed or overstimulated, anxious or stressed.

Your body is now physically lacking the energy that it needs to sustain itself throughout the day and you are counting the minutes until you can return to your home to rest, hide under your bed covers and sleep it off.

The next morning you wake up (hopefully recharged) only to repeat the same again and again and again and again… until you find yourself chronically depleted, anxious and depressed.

Of course, I wouldn’t share this doomy piece of information if there wasn’t a way to defy this law.

It is not a miracle that we need to defy this law, but technology.

And perhaps you already guessed it, yes you already have this technology built into your energetic make-up! You just don’t know how to use it yet (or that it is even there).

Join me this Friday, 28th April 2023, as we kick off our 10 week transformation program and learn all about your energetic anatomy, how to maintain your energy in social settings, how to survive relationships as an empath and so much more….

With love always,

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