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Healing Stones

Join my community to unlock your potential



Expand your reach to those actively seeking alternative healing therapies.

My aim is to support likeminded healers to promote and showcase other practitioners and share their gifts with the world.

Benefits of joining my Healing Directory

Increased Visibility & Credibility:

  • Gain exposure to a wider audience seeking holistic and healing services.

  • Build credibility by being part of a reputable healing directory.


  • Reach an audience who are actively engaged and interested in holistic healing and alternative therapies.

  • Connect with individuals seeking services aligned with your expertise.


  • Increase your reach through my directory promotions and marketing campaigns in my newsletters.

  • Leverage the directory platform to promote your services effectively.

Networking Opportunities:

  • Connect with like-minded practitioners in the healing community.

  • Access a supportive network for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and potential referrals.

Plant Shadows

How does it work?


For every referral you receive from the tracked link on my site, you pay $5 per click. Invoiced monthly.

Healer spotlight:

Each week I will choose a new healer from the directory to be featured in my email to my clients, in my facebook healing group with over 50,000 members and in the Healer Spotlight section on the healing directory page located on my website.


The Healer Directory page will be promoted via the marketing channels listed above as well as on my website.

Ready to join?

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