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What if you could clear inter-generational traumas, shift out of toxic relationships, master the law of attraction and discover your life's purpose without feeling stuck, triggered and running around in circles,
so that you can finally enjoy life the way you always wanted.

the transformation of a lifetime !


  • You are sensitive to your environment and empathic to other people

  • You find it hard to let go of trauma and negative experiences in your life
  • You feel like the odd one out or are the black sheep of the family

  • You recognise themes and/or patterns of abuse, dis-ease and addiction in your family and lineage

  • You feel the weight of the world on your shoulders

  • You find yourself stuck or in a cycle of self-sabotage

  • You struggle with toxic relationships

  • You experience a sense of urgency

  • You feel lonely or out of place at times

  • You feel like you're living on a roller coaster

  • You tend to freeze around rude or malicious people

  • You can't understand how people hurt people

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My life has completely changed as a result of this program. I could not have gotten through 2021 without this program. The weekly one on one sessions were always very productive and allowed me to talk about and deal with things as and how they presented for me. There was never any judgement on anything that I raised and wanted to talk about. I always walked away with a part of me that was healed and this would create a shift in me to propel me forward.Virginie provided to me so much healing and understanding.

Andrea, Australia

let me ask you this...
  • Do you wish to live trauma free and empowered?

  • Would you like to become crystal clear on your purpose in life?

  • Would you like to heal yourself from dis-ease, old belief systems and generational and chronic illness?

  • Do you wish to feel at peace within yourself?

  • Do you want supportive and unconditionally loving relationships?

  • Would you like to cultivate an unbreakable and strong connection to your self, your higher self, your spirit guides and your god source?

  • Do you wish to improve your physic abilities?

  • Do you wish to channel higher guidance for yourself and others?

  • Do you want to change the world by just being you?

  • Do you want to be loved for who YOU are?


READ ON... ⬇️

imagine this...

✔️ Clear Inter-Generational Trauma
✔️ Transform Toxic Relationships
✔️ Become Crystal Clear on Your Life Purpose
✔️ Manifest Anything You Want in Life

Term 1



8 WEEKS | starting 10.02.2023


Understand what is holding you back and how to resolve ancestral traumas of abuse, dis-ease, suffering and control by mapping your family constellation, recognise and clear blockages and traumas, cellular memory, outdated programming and implant technologies that are keeping you stuck in dysfunctional dynamics, behavioural patterns and toxic relationships. 

You locate triggers in your body and learn the language of your subconscious to restore peace in your body, mind and spirit.

You become an active cyclebreaker, healing ancestral trauma that has been running through generations. You will take your power back and learn how to clear patterns, curses and entity attachments for yourself and your family lineage.

Term 2



10 WEEKS | starting 28.04.2023


Become clear on your struggles in relationships with people and the world. Explore your current relationship dynamics and fully understand how your energetic anatomy makes or breaks current relationships. Learn how to survive all kinds of relationships as an empathic and sensitive individual, how to navigate difficult relationships and how to show up empowered as your beautiful self.


You become a pioneer of actively transforming relationships through understanding the psychology of traditional 3-D ego-centred relationships and new unity-centred 5-D relationships through the healing of shadow aspects for yourself and others. You will also activate and upgrade your energetic anatomy and accesses energetic laws to maintain high energy in social settings without ever getting exhausted or feeling drained again.

Term 3


10 WEEKS | starting 21.07.2023

In this final term you truly transform and celebrate the NE
W YOU. All previous 2 terms have set solid foundations in every area of your life so you can now shine. You become crystal clear on your purpose(s). You feel more at peace within yourself, knowing that you are a part of a bigger movement and a bigger universal cohort. You are able to achieve things, you didn't think possible before. You become fluid in your awareness, cultivating your own higher (5D) reality, by completely partnering with yourself. You finally anchor your cosmic consciousness in this physical world and walk the path of the ascended master that you truly are. You embody and live your highest truth and radiate your essence and presence strongly in this world. You know how to facilitate healings for yourself, others and the planet by using your own established unique skill set.

​I would say that if there is one thing you need to do in your life on this planet whilst here is this program, as it helps you to navigate life as a sensitive person. It also helps you to recognise and heal your traumas and understand why you are here. This program gives you the tools to thrive, not just survive. It guides you to your higher self and all there is beyond. It also guides you to help those you love and come across through your life here on earth.

Beverley, Australia

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The 2023 Transformation Program
3 stages of immense and accelerated growth, ...a transformation of a lifetime!

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What You Get...

 Live Presentations &

Group Coaching

  • 3 terms of weekly tools and healing techniques that you won't find anywhere else

  • weekly soul and growth-focused presentations and group coaching sessions
  • Handouts and work sheets

  • Guided meditations

  • Evaluation and progress forms to track your progress

  • Access to replays of all group and private sessions

 Private Community & Support Group

  • Access to the Facebook online support group with the alumni from previous transformation programs

  • Private messenger chat for 2023 transformers only for Q&A's in between group sessions

  • Q&A email correspondence throughout the program


1x1 Sessions when you upgrade

  • 5 private heart-centred coaching sessions per term that accelerate your growth, either online or in person, tailored specifically to your needs and personal goals

  • Internal booking system to manage your private sessions

  • Evaluation and progress forms to track your progress


50% off all

other offers

  • 50% discount on all of Virginie's workshops, courses, trainings on online shop items throughout the duration of the program

Sarah Thomas_edited.jpg

There will be no more stops and starts with my spirituality. I am getting a feel for who I really am and I understand my default behaviours much more now. Term 1's ancestral clearing was extremely beneficial to me and my family. Term 4's embodying cosmic Consciousness has also been of great benefit to me. My family background needed some clearing for us to move forward without having to deal with recurring toxic family members. It has been well worth my investment in time and resources.

Sarah, Australia



The 2023 Transformation Program!

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Save $1,953

(regular price $3,150)








Save $451

(regular price $1,050)




Save $7412

(regular price $12,600)

This Transformation Program is for you if you want to:


  • locate and release fears and triggers in your body

  • clear your family lineage from abuse, limitation and suffering

  • transform your relationships and attract supportive, caring and loving people

  • show up unapologetically empowered as your true self

  • strengthen your mental health and stabilise heightened emotions

  • turn your sensitivity into your super power

  • access dormant information in your cells and your healing powers

  • realise your potential and healing gifts

  • tap into universal laws to support you in every situation

  • understand and use the law of attractrion

  • understand your multi-dimensional energetic anatomy and biological technology

  • stay centred and energetic during challenges and conflict

  • exit the 3D controls matrix on Earth

  • break contracts and agreements with lower thought forms and dark loosh beings

  • create a clear and strong connection to their spirit guides

  • expand their consciousness to cosmic levels

how it works...

Here are the steps we're taking.

After you have signed up for the 8 week program you will be send a simple interview and self-evaluation form which will be the basis for your program. It will not only assist you in formulating your intentions and desired outcomes but it will also be the guideline to keep you focused on your goals throughout the program.

The easiest thing for me in this program has been turning up and doing the work. The commitment to develop self-awareness and understand the laws of energy as well as practise them in real life situations came very easily. I see myself as more emotionally mature, more fluid in awareness and as a multi-dimensional consciousness. I see myself in my truth, warts and all, cultivating a 5D reality, no longer confused or worried about trying to act on my correct path. I am more at ease with myself and I have more clarity about my life purpose. I am also more self-accepting and more in service to others and source.

Rosi, Australia


Here is exactly what you get in each term when you enroll in the
2023 Transformation Program!

Starting: 10th February 2023

TERM 1 | Mapping your family constellation

This term includes 8 video presentations and group sessions (and 5 personalised private in-depth 1-on-1 sessions when upgraded)

  • Evaluate where you are at, what your current blocks are and what is holding you back
  • Understand the Science of Epigenetics and how you are not a victim of your genes

  • Learn Cellular Memory Release Technique

  • Recognise and release traumas, blockages and entities

  • Map your Family Constellation and learn about the incredible power of healing your family lineage

  • Explanation and guidance on how to create an individual in-depth map of your family constellation

  • Understand and clear cycles of abuse, traumatic illness and deaths, addictions and family 'curses', that still affect you (and your children) today

  • Pinpoint the exact time and origins of traumas in your family lineage and clear those traumas that have been passed down on a cellular level from generation to generation

  • Pinpoint the exact time and origins of takeovers by dark entities in the history of your family lineage and how to break all contracts and agreements that have been keeping members of your lineage in bondage to this day

  • Break traumatic cycles of abuse, dis-ease, sudden deaths, addictions and traumatic events and clear those for future generations

  • Understand why you are born into your family lineage and how to make a big difference

  • Understand why you may not identify with your family lineage

  • Learn the difference between Loosh Energy and Life Force Energy

  • How Loosh entities activate physical people in your life to lower your vibration and pull you into unhealthy dynamics that keep you stuck in trauma responses and how to detach from them

  • Learn how your soul fragments itself and remains stuck in time through shock or trauma

Improving Your Relationships.png

Starting: 28th April 2023

TERM 2 | Improving your relationships

This term includes 10 video presentations and group sessions and (5 personalised private in-depth 1-on-1 sessions when upgraded)

  • Introduction to the Laws of Energy, Frequency and Vibration

  • Establish your struggles in relationships

  • Socialise, navigate and survive relationships as an empath and sensitive person

  • Understand your energetic anatomy and how to keep your energy in any difficult environments

  • Learn how the subconscious uses archetypes to reveal information about your reality

  • Map your relationships using Virginie's Seed-of-Life-Model

  • Recognise, clear and heal enmeshment and dysfunctional relationships and unhealthy patterns with certain people

  • Understand the Seed-of-Life-Model principles to remain empowered and truthful to yourself in any relationship

  • Cultivate an unconditionally loving and supportive relationship with yourself

  • Understand the powerful universal laws of opposites attract vs like attracts like

  • Healthy Relationships and Boundaries

  • Navigating difficult relationships

  • Getting to know yourself on a deeper level by exploring your energetic anatomy and 7 levels of being

  • Learn how fundamental core traumas are created

  • Be amazed how, by the age of 42, you should have reached enlightenment and total self-actualisation by the body's natural design and how to get there

  • Learn about energetic hygiene and why it is essential to your mental and emotional health

  • Learn how to deal with emotional pain and mental anguish

  • Contact and heal your inner child

  • How people see us vs how we see ourselves

  • Learn how to align yourself with your truth

  • Understand how frequencies of food, emotions, your body and states of consciousnesses either increase or decrease your mental health and therefore vibration

Mastering the law of attraction.png

Starting: 21st july 2023

TERM 3 | Mastering the law of attraction and your life purpose

This term includes 10 video presentations and group sessions and (5 personalised private in-depth 1-on-1 sessions when upgraded)

  • Embody The NEW YOU and embrace your unique gifts, skills and knowledge

  • Step into your mastership and become a conscious creator in your life

  • Learn how to manifest at the physical atomic level

  • Learn how to use Virginie's powerful ROAR Process to manifest like a pro

  • Learn how to purify and clear misaligned thoughts, beliefs, imprints and dis-ease

  • Get crystal clear on your life purpose and live it

  • Discuss how being an empath or sensitive person is a mindf@uck

  • Learn how to separate feelings, thoughts, physical pain and sensations of others from your own

  • Learn how to facilitate a healing session for yourself and others using your own unique skill set

  • Purposefully raise your frequency in any situation and heal with your expand your consciousness

Here is what Beverley says after completing this Transformation Program

❤❤❤ "To anyone who is looking at doing this program I can honestly say to you that it is amazing. I have done this program in 2021. I encourage you all as Virginie is inspirational, brings lots of energy, love, knowledge, wisdom and experience as well as valuable tools you can use throughout your life that can be life saving at times. Not only does Virginie bring all these gifts she has to this program but tailors it to suit your individual wants and needs at the time and at your pace. The transformation I have personally gone through with this program, this year and the friendships I have made, are out of this world to say the least. For me it is one of those decisions I have made in my life so far that was the best decision I could have ever made. So to all that register I send you love and excitement for the year you have ahead of you, it's truly life changing in the most positive way imaginable." ❤❤❤

Beverley, Australia

Total Value of the Program

Live Presentations and Group Coaching and Individual In-depth Private Sessions


Presentations, Handouts, Study Material, Evaluation Forms and Feedback Forms, Guided Meditations


Group Support with the Alumni from previous Transformation Programs and New Friendships


Transformation Program Total Value




$1197.00 per term



with 5 private 1x1 sessions

$1796.00 per term

free woman golden light in field.jpeg

What previous participants say about this Transformation Program...

It has been well worth my investment in time and resources. You will be surprised by how wonderful you are and the amazing things you are capable of with your mind, body and higher self. You will meet your higher self (and maybe your avatar) who will teach you everything you've ever wanted to know. You will learn to look beyond the ordinary in your own way, question everything and listen for answers. I can now call in god source' unconditional love more effectively when I need it.


Sarah, Australia 

This program has been life changing for me (tears in my eyes... right now), it really was. I believe in myself now. I know I am worthy and I know that I matter. I also know that I have gifts and insights to share with others. I now stand in my power as an awakened being. My past doesn't define me anymore. I stopped feeling the need to be the nice person and to accomodate everyone all the time. And the consistency of the weekly private sessions have been invaluable to me.

Andrea, Australia

Do this program if you seek clarity on your life purpose and want to accelerate planetary 5D ascension. You are in a safe zone = no false/misinformation/misguiding. This will transform you, connect you to your highest galactic self. You will not comprehend until the year is complete, how this will change your relationship to life, to others, to self, to nature, to energies, to the universe. It will connect you to your inner guidance system and reveal to you who you really are.

Rosi, Australia

If someone would have told where I'd be 12 months later, I would not have believed it. I have learnt so much about myself, some of it was hard but the healings I got from it were invaluable. I have found life long friendships in this program and I know that I am not alone on this planet. I would recommend this program to anyone as it gives you the tools to thrive, not just survive. I have opened my own business as a result of this program and I am helping those I love and come across in my life.

Beverly, Australia


The 2023 Transformation Program is presented in 3 terms.

Term 1 | 10 February - 31 March 2023 | 8 weeks

Term 2 | 28 April - 30 June 2023 | 10 weeks

Term 3 | 21 July - 22 September 2023 | 10 weeks

"After This program you won't look at life the same way again!"
See you inside the program...

Virginie Esprit
Transformation Coach

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