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Transmutes BS, fucks off nasty people’s negative energy and as a result instantly improves mood while restoring inner peace and well-being.



While spraying this clearing mist around you or a space say the following affirmation 3 x out loud:
“Off You Fuck!", “Off You Fuck!", “Off You Fuck!" and feel refreshed.


This Mist contains the same Space Clearing Mist blend as the original 'Space Clearing Mist'. Only the label is changed, due to requests of many of my students. We're keeping it real... ;)


This Off You Fuck Space Clearing Mist carries one of the highest vibrational frequency signatures available to us. It can be used in ceremonies or to clear a person or space from negative thought forms, stress, trauma and sickness which created a disordered energetic imprint on the person or the space. Perfect to use for home and business.


This popular 100ml Space Clearing Mist has been my best seller for the past 10 years. It’s uplifting floral aroma will have you shift your mood and cut those nasty cords with other people within seconds.


This Space Clearing Mist transmutes negative energy into positive energy in an instant. It is often described with the following sound of relief: “Ahhhhh…” It clears the energy in your home, car and place of business. It brings clarity of mind, improves moods and generates uplifting feelings when sprayed around a person.


The high vibrational healing effects of the essential oils used in this Space Clearing Mist are able to cut through the ‘thickest air’ and remove dark thought clouds from yourself and a room, keeping you clear headed and motivated during your day and allowing for a restful sleep at night.


This product consists of 5 high vibrational sacred 100% pure essential oils, the protection crystal Onyx and lots of LOVE. It is charged with universal life force energy and the blessings of the Angelic Kingdom of Light.



Space clearing is an ancient tradition. Natives have been burning dried herbs such a Sage, Juniper and Frankincense in ceremonies to clear a person or space from negative thought forms, stress, trauma and sickness which created an energetic imprint on the person and the space. Space clearing is the art of clearing and revitalising energies around yourself and in buildings. Energetically, everyone creates a certain amount of emotions and etheric debris on a daily basis. This can creates stagnant residue in your home or place of business, leaving you feeling weighed down and exhausted. Sensitive and empathic people especially sense such heavy energies and end up feeling drained and fatigued.


With this modernised way of space clearing, using sacred herbs in it’s distilled form, you don’t have to worry about leaving your home or office smelling like a camp side and setting off fire alarms. ;) This high vibrational essential oil mist cuts through the thickest air, leaving you and your place smelling like a fairy garden.


  • transmutes negative energy into positive
  • clears the energy in home, car and business
  • brings a feeling of ease, well-being and peace
  • Improves moods and calms the mind
  • leaves a clear, positive, uplifting feel to your
  • environment while grounding the energy body


Directions for use:

Shake bottle and spray around yourself or another person in circular motion

Spray over the bed to clear bad dreams and nightmares

Carry in your handbag to use during and after a shopping trip or place with lots of people

Spray around yourself or child(ren) when hyper, unconsolable, agitated, anxious, nervous or upset (make sure eyes are closed)

When sharing custody of your kid(s), use this spray to help in the transition from the other parents home to yours.

Use in the car for long road trips, especially with children

Off You Fuck Mist

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Space Clearing Mist
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