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Unblock, heal and balance your chakras by colouring your way through the 7 major chakra system.


Mindful colouring helps to draw your mind into a state where your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual energies are in the same place at the same time, in the moment of here and now. A space where the inner chaos is calmed and busy thoughts are organised.  What follows is a state of inner peace, beauty and connection your higher power, which facilitates a downpouring of precious life force energy to recharge and heal your very being.


I have created these colouring books to bring beauty, peace and healing to you. All images are infused with love and the intention to create a better world by letting go of worry, stress and anger.


With love always,


CHAKRA HEALING Vol. 2 Mindful Colouring Book

  • Download contains pdf file which is designed for standard A4 printing.

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