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Why I do what I do...

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

What I read for fun you ask? This 👇😆

When I was 17 my mother had a stroke which sent her into a coma for 7 days. It was a very surreal experience and I felt many emotions not knowing if I would get my mother back.

I was born into a traumatized environment, politically and socially. My great-grandparents and grandparents both experienced the first and second world war, my parents grew up in communist East Germany and so did I.

No one in my family knew how to deal with emotions properly. Everything was dealt with anger, swept under the rug or never even spoken about.

After my mother came out of her coma, she started psychology treatments which changed her demeanor toward us. She became a loving and compassionate mother for a while until she figured out how to also use her 'new' condition to manipulate the family.

This incident was my introduction into the human psyche. I find it fascinating to learn about the human underworld and the dark unseen that keep people living in trauma and fear.

As a result of that I did a lot of deep diving into my own psyche and released many many trauma triggers over the years.

12 years ago I opened my business as a Reiki Master, teaching people about their energetic powers. Today I specialize in clearing intergenerational trauma and releasing trauma from people's cellular memory.

Most people I work with, have had years of psychology and/or counselling sessions but haven't gotten anywhere, because most clinically trained professionals fail to include the human spirit.

So even after 23 years of studying the human psyche and energetic anatomy I still get excited when such literatures arrive. 📚 🤗

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