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Starseeds: Empaths | Victims of Domestic Violence | People w Anxiety, Depression & Who Don't Belong

Have you ever wondered what a Starseed is or if you even are one?

What is a Starseed?

The infiniteness of the Universe is truly something to marvel at.

It is estimated that there are one billion trillion stars in the known Universe. What lies beyond this is unknown; however, it is reasonable to consider that the one billion trillion stars in the observable Universe are only a fraction of what exists.

These billion-trillion stars in the Universe are the source of Starseeds, souls from another world that come to Earth.

Starseeds are gifts to Earth, bringing love, light, and peace to their fellow inhabitants.

Many Starseeds have not yet realised their cosmic connection, and their cosmic consciousness remains a subconscious part of their life. While a Starseed may not be consciously aware of the divine mission they have been brought to Earth to achieve, there are many signs of one’s connection to the Universe beyond our home planet.

Signs you are a Starseed

Every Starseed is a unique gift to this Earth, although many characteristics are shared between fellow Starseeds.

  • You may Feel sensitive to those around you. This sensitivity to those around you may be so strong that it makes it uncomfortable to spend time with others, particularly in large groups.

  • You may Perceive the emotions and energies of those around you with ease. You can tune into how those around you feel, and your intuition may guide you to make judgements on others.

  • You may Crave solitude or quiet time. You value meditation and time to connect to your body and your surroundings.

  • You may Feel as if you don’t belong. Despite being surrounded by others, you may still feel disconnected and alone.

  • You may Enjoy creative or artistic expression. You relish the time you spend expressing your feelings in an untamed manner.

  • You may Seek for people to understand your sensitivity. You may feel disconnected from those around you when they don’t understand how you perceive the world differently than they do.

  • You may Struggle to function in crowds. Large groups of people overwhelm you, and you feel drawn to one-on-one interactions.

If this resonates with you, you may be a Starseed. However, you may have identified with another label:

The Empath

Empaths are highly empathetic individuals. They are deeply tuned into the emotions of those around them and may describe themselves as sensitive. A Starseed who identifies themselves as an empath is aware of their sensitivity, which manifests their cosmic consciousness.

Empaths often feel crippled by their sensitivity, particularly when they consistently find themselves in busy areas or crowds. It is essential to recognise that quiet alone time, which allows them to reflect, is critical to conserving energy as an empath.

Victim of domestic violence

The divine mission of many Starseeds is to disrupt patterns of conflict within families. Those surrounded by but not participating in conflict may question why they are present in these difficult situations.

The answer is that they are there to show others the light, bring peace and fulfil their divine mission. Connecting to their divine mission can be achieved through meditation, connection to their cosmic source, and releasing the traumatic events in their life that prevent them from assisting others.

People who don’t feel like they belong

Many Starseeds constantly feel a sense of disconnect with others, except those few moments where they find connection with like-minded souls. This sense of disconnect is felt regardless of whether they are surrounded by one or many people. For these Starseeds, establishing a network of fellow Starseeds and developing their cosmic connection helps them to find peace and security.

Diagnosed with or suffering from depression, anxiety, and panic attacks

Starseeds are not broken; they are full of light which should be shared with those around them. A Starseed suffering from depression, anxiety, panic attacks, or other negative experiences must recognise and understand their triggers.

Once a Starseed understands what triggers these negative experiences, engaging in activities that fulfil their innate creativity and artistic expression will allow one to find peace. This peace can then be shared with others, as is the divine mission of Starseeds.

Regardless of how you or others have labelled Starseeds, there are many ways in which Starseeds can embrace their divine mission and cosmic consciousness on earth. So of all of this resonates up to this point the you may benefit from the following:

  • Meditating. Meditation will allow you to disengage from the foreign world that Earth is to you and connect to your cosmic origin. This time of peace will centre you, providing time and space for deep reflection on who you are and your purpose on Earth.

  • Connecting to your source. Understanding where you come from will frame your understanding of where you are and why you are here. Embracing your cosmic consciousness and all of the knowledge it provides will allow you to share your love, light and peace with others.

  • Understanding and recognising your trigger(s). By identifying what causes you discomfort or pain, you will have the ability to address them and move past them. This will provide space for you to fulfil your divine mission.

  • Establishing a network of like-minded people. Connecting with other Starseeds will allow you to understand and embrace your unique and brilliant abilities.

  • Releasing traumatic events in your life. Embarking on a journey of reflection on your past and releasing that which no longer serves you makes room for the beautiful future full of light, love, and peace that awaits you.

I hope that you have found this information useful on your journey to realising your cosmic connection and divine mission.

If you are interested in learning more about Starseeds, you can visit my previous blogs, contact me or explore my website

From one Starseed to another... I see you and I love you! And I am so glad you are here.


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