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Clearing Cellular Memory | Blockages and Energetic Charges | Spirit Guide Meditation

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Insights into the 2021 Starseed Transformation program

In this blog series I let you in on snippets of our group sessions of the 2021 Starseed Transformation Program in which we discuss all things Starseeds, Empaths, Galactic and Cosmic Consciousness, the Ascension process and shifting from 3D to 5D.

In this 2nd session from term 1 we touch on:

  • human evolution and the importance of expanding one's consciousness

  • reflecting on what is holding you back

  • what is body awareness

  • clearing blockages, energetic charges, trauma and negative energy

  • strengthening your connection to source energy

  • expanding into your multi-dimensional awareness

In the last blog we spoke about the science of epigenetics as well as ancestral patterns, learning that we are not victims to our genes but are very much in control of our genetic environment within our own body.

Right now we are making a quantum leap in evolution. It is no longer about who is the fittest in the human race but who is the one with the most expansive consciousness.

Who can adapt, who can grow multi-dimensionally and who can grow beyond their physical existence. Yes, that's where it's at.

We have moved on from physical evolution. Our biology is great these days and what’s coming next is to expand our consciousness, to evolve into a greater version of ourselves and understand our multi-dimensionality to evolve the human race.

So in this blog I invite you to take a minute and reflect on where you are at right now.

Don’t think about where you are not or where you rather want to be. Also don’t get distracted by what your goals are or what your mind is telling you you should be.

Instead be with YOU right now. Be with the pure and raw version of yourself as it lives and expresses itself right now. What is holding you back from stepping into the highest version of yourself right now?

Are you becoming aware of any excuses or judgements of yourself or others and even blame others or the environment you find yourself in?

We all hold opinions and judgments of people and places. It is normal. It is was helps us define who we are and who we are not this time around.

The problem, if it is such, begins when opinions or judgements are not based in our current reality, when they arise out of fear or a past experiences. Then we can loose our footing and alignment to ourselves and chaos emerges inside and around us which creates blockages within ourselves.

There are so many different opinions, so many different journeys and so many different viewpoints in this world. If we are not grounded and solid within ourselves, we may feel torn, confused and as a result experience a lack of trust in ourselves.

So let’s get us started and have us go into our cellular memory. Let us open it up very gently and see what blockages we find sitting in your body.

I will guide you through a 20 minute meditation and prompt you to explore certain aspects within your body.

Let’s find out where the cellular memories and blockages are in your body, how they speak, what they look like and how they feel.

I invite you to be curious throughout this exploration and keep an open mind.

Watch the video above to be guided through this meditation experience. The meditation begins at the 3:30 mark.

Or download the meditation script to the cellular memory release meditation below. You might like to record this script on your phone and play it back to you, while you do the release work. Or you might simply like to read it through and use it as an instruction manual. Happy releasing ;)

Meditation Script - Term 1 Session 2
Download PDF • 62KB

With love,

Virginie Esprit

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