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The War on Consciousness & The Soul, Epigenetics, Galactic Avatar and Protection

Updated: Apr 1, 2022

Insights into the 2021 Transformation Program

In this blog series I let you in on snippets of our group sessions of the 2021 Starseed Transformation Program in which we discuss all things Starseeds, Empaths, Galactic and Cosmic Consciousness, the Ascension process and shifting from 3D to 5D.

In this session 1 from term 1 we touch on:

  • why family constellations are so important for the Starseeds to step into their power.

  • that we are not victims of our genes through the science of epigenetics

  • that we can change relationships through our energetic anatomy

  • connecting to your Higher Galactic Avatar

  • protection

  • the war on Consciousness and the very soul itself

When like-minded powerhouses join together…

When people with the same intention come together, they create a powerful link and energetic grid, shifting the consciousness of humanity. This is of course not liked by the dark or opposing forces and they attack in various forms. They will interfere with technology or send people your way who know your triggers and throw you off your game.

A Starseed's story…

Most Starseeds share a similar life story. They share very similar experiences, similar childhoods, growing up with a lot of struggles and a lot of abuse and perhaps even experience hardships in their relationships today. This is very common among starseeds, cycle breakers, empaths and highly intuitive people. They keep finding themselves in fucked up relationship dynamics, personally or professionally.

We can change those dynamics and shift this struggle around. There is so much that we can activate within ourselves that can change the whole dynamic of your life.

We're shifting paradigms…

We are moving away from an old way of being and relating to the embodiment of true femininity, where the feminine awakens her power of love, compassion, wisdom and transformation.

Family constellations for Starseeds…

Learning all about our history, our ancestral connection and what we've brought into our incarnation in this current life through our genetic lineage is so important for the Starseed.

By delving into the family constellation we start separating ourselves from our genetic coding, without dismissing our heritage. We then know where we stand and know who we are.

Everything will makes sense. Once the family constellation is all mapped out the Starseed can go into more detail and then work with the the patterns and the dynamics that have been passed forward from generation to generation, which the Starseed is now carrying. But such patterns can be broken, that’s why Starseeds are excellent cyclebreakers.

We are each a culmination of hundreds of thousands of years of expression. That can become very confusing, if we don’t have the consciousness developed yet to understand what is our own unique expression and what is the expression of our intergenerational family lineage.

Relationships shift when…

When we understand the dynamics and the mechanisms behind relationships we can change them. We can shift in current relationships or change how we enter into new relationships. We can separate ourselves from the old way of relating from the 3d relationships to 5d relationships which is all energetic based.

If you want to change your relationships, you have to go into your energetic anatomy, work on imbalances within yourself and strengthen the weak spots in your energetic field.

Higher Galactic Avatars…

We are all connected to our higher galactic avatar. In my head I see my avatar as I speak with my clients and go about my day. That multi-dimensional communication is happening constantly. I am super aware of my multi-dimensional being and multi-dimensional dynamics. Even though I'm physically engaging with people, I am also aware of so much more going on in other dimensions.

The science of epigenetics…

Epigenetics is a fascinating topic and will help us when we start breaking down those family dynamics and patterns. Epigenetics has been made popular by Dr Bruce Lipton, he’s the author of the book The Biology of Belief. He says that we are not the result of our genes like the medical profession believes.

You are not the victim of your parent’s or forefather’s and foremother’s genes. You have your own genetic coding but your genes are charged with energetic information such as thoughts, emotions, and traumas. This energy in formation around the genes is what is being passed on from generation to generation until it is broken through awareness by changing patterns, behaviours, thoughts and lifestyles.

Again, you are here in this lifetime to break those cycles. You have that awareness. And you came her with a mission. Not just to heal yourself, but to break intergenerational trauma cycles and to clear energetically charged information of suffering and dis-ease.

Why psychology doesn’t always help…

Your mind is a powerful recording machine. I makes sure that painful events don't repeat themselves. Your mind keeps you safe from emotional pain, physical pain, mental pain and of course, physical pain in the now and future experiences. That also means, that in healing work, when you want to resolve traumas, your mind will prevent you from experiencing that pain again. So you find yourself talking about this traumatic topic with a counsellor, a psychologist or a friend over and over again without any change in your well-being.

Through accessing the subconscious mind through the language of the body we will be able to release energetic charges (traumas) and bring about real change.

What Starseeds, Lightworkers and Empaths have in common…

Starseeds have an internal urge or drive, an internal knowing and unwavering feeling of ‘I am here to help’. That feeling is actually not as common as you may think. Helping, providing, supporting, caring, loving, being present and compassionate is our signature. It is so ingrained in our core, that we can’t understand how some people can be so destructive.

Starseeds know that there are two different kind of species on this planet. There are humans and there are the Starseeds. Both are on completely different evolutionary scales. Humankind is a very ‘young’ civilisation still evolving its consciousness. Humans, hold physical consciousness and hurt each other as their universe is centred around themselves. Starseeds are from ancient civilisations and are evolved beings. They have transcended many limitations of self and hold cosmic consciousness. They love others as they realise they are the universe.

The human consciousness is very young, they make a lot of mistakes. In their world there is a lot of fighting and war, a lot of unconsciousness. And then there are those who have the human biology but their consciousness is that of a highly aware and evolved being. That being is projecting itself into the human biology to interfere in the most loving and compassionate way, to educate and demonstrate, so that humanity is being accelerated in their evolution.

There is a war on consciousness and a war on the very soul itself. The way to win this war is to bring as many consciousnesses on board to make them aware of their divine nature.

People like us (Starseeds, Empaths, Lightworkers) believe that every person is born good. We believe in the goodness of people. And this is what gets us into trouble. We see the potential of the people around us. We see the potential in our partners and loved ones and choose to ignore the red flags of evil expressions in some people.

How do we protect ourselves in this crazy time…

Keep your high vibration up and keep your light shining. Organise things around you that remind you of your connection to source. No matter what happens around you, stay connected to your connection to source, because you are a walking emitter of light and source energy. The more you can stay in that light/source vibration, the more you help your environment. It's all energetic. It all happens on the energetics first and the physical will adjust.

High vibrational mantra to shift from fear to love: “I am an expression of light, of source energy and the great creator. That energy is flowing through me now.”

With love,

Virginie Esprit

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