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Humans Are F*cked! | A Message To Starseeds

"Humans are f*cked!" I hear my clients and students proclaim a lot. Here is my perspective on this statement. An invitation...

Humans are fucked, right?

Well, that's what we think sometimes. We feel the pain of humanity in our soul, in our body. Oh, the frustration! We want to shake those humans up. Get them to wake up to the reality of corruption, to the pain and suffering in this world, to their own destructive behaviour and how they are contributing to the suffering and the pain through their actions. We want to shake them awake. We want to scream at them: “Wake up!”

But we get disappointed by them, by their behaviour and their actions and we hear ourselves saying “Humans are fucked!”

I have been guilty of that statement myself. I was very frustrated for a really long time and sometimes I still am. I totally understand that statement and I can relate but with that statement comes a price: The lack of your own presence.

And this is what I would like to offer you today my dear Starseeds, a return to your own presence.

I would like to offer you a different perspective and open up some space in your mind and in your heart that allows for all the people on this planet to just be what they ‘be’, whether they are doing the right things or the wrong things.

Everything comes back to yourself. Everything comes back to you. You can't control other humans and their actions. Are you not a human yourself? Are you not inhabiting a beautiful human body yourself? Have you not experienced the condition of your humanness yourself?

Have we not all experienced the limitations of our mind at some stage in our lives? I know I have. I remember well what it was like to be stuck in a certain mind set and in a certain pattern of thinking and behaving, because I didn't know any better. Even though I always felt something wasn't right with the way people related, with the way people acted, with the way people treated this planet and each other. I have always had that knowing, but I didn't know better until I started my own awakening journey, just like all of you Starseeds. You are all on your very own journeys.

We are all on our very own journeys to discover our consciousness, our cosmic consciousness, the vastness of our consciousness with all the universal knowledge that is at our disposal.

And one of the biggest challenges for us Starseeds is, to let go of the human condition. To let go of limitation. Let go of suffering. Let go of focusing on the negative. Let go of focusing on what is wrong with this world, because you can't change what is wrong with this world from that conditioned mindset.

So when you find yourself getting frustrated with other people, there is an invitation for you to come home to yourself.

Here is a realisation I had where everything opened up within my space and my inner being:

On this planet, everything is allowed! Everything, absolutely everything goes on this planet.

You can be a human, you can be an animal, you can be a tree, a plant, you can be dirt, you can be a rock, you can be air. You could be anything.

You can also be the expression of darkness. You can be the expression of pain and suffering. It is allowed to kill animals for fun. It is allowed to murder people. It is allowed to harass, stalk and bully people. It is allowed to beat people up, children too. It is allowed to traffic them. It is also allowed to sexually assault someone. Everything goes on this planet.

Now I'm not saying that this is the right thing to do but this planet offers the experience that if that's what you choose to experience, then planet Earth is the place to experience this. And depending on your guidance system, of course, and how you are wired, depending on your blueprint and who you are in essence and what you came here to experience this time around, murdering someone or trafficking children may not be your thing. And you may have a very strong aversion to it and say that such behaviour is appalling and outrageous.

You may even grieve deeply in your heart with what is happening on this planet, but hear this Starseeds, I also share the later, I do not agree with suffering, causing harm and inflicting pain onto others. This is how I choose to perceive such acts at this time, in this incarnation, in this expression. Even on a soul level I will never choose harm, but there are souls that are choosing this and on Earth it is allowed.

Obviously we are not talking about karma and what comes of these destructive actions that's a topic for another conversation.

For now I would like to leave you with this Starseeds, I would like to offer you an opening within your own being.

Everything is allowed, whether right or wrong, whether we agree with it or not, it is happening.

I would like to extend an invitation to you to come home to yourself.

Because amongst all, it is also allowed for you to choose to live in love. It is allowed for you to choose to experience kindness, compassion, forgiveness and love. You choose these things this time around.

Since everything is allowed, who are we to tell people how they should live their lives. Whether it aligns with our inner compass or not, it's not up to us. Since God Source allows these expressions in all its forms, we might as well surrender to all different expressions on planet Earth.

I believe as Starseeds, this is our challenge! Learning to let go of the human condition. To let go of the confinements, ideals, rules, laws and the regulations within your own being. It is our challenge to transcend the conditioning that has us judge others other people's behaviour.

As Starseeds, we are literally transcending, or ascending if you will, in and from within a human form. We are transcending human consciousness. We are embodying our cosmic consciousness, christ consciousness, unity consciousness.

As I said before, while I don’t agree with suffering, I have to come to terms with being here at this time. This planet offers me the greatest gift and that is to always come home to myself.

If it wasn't for all of these opposing factors and experiences in my field, I probably wouldn't have the awareness or received the invitation to come back home to myself, because I would always look for things outside of myself. I would always identify with people, places, events and situations outside of myself. I would never get the chance to actually get to know Me in this human form. In this human condition, I would never experience my true essence in human form, because my focus would always be on the external, outside of myself.

So, since everything on this planet is allowed, I believe it is the fastest learning experience one can sign up for, because there are only two options:

  1. You can stay in the consciousness of the human condition and choose to get upset by everything that's going on, while feeling helpless, hopeless, alone and distraught. And by the way, all of those feeling are happening inside your own body. These feelings and states of consciousness are not happening for someone who chooses to inflict pain on others (they may get a form of satisfaction from inflicting pain). So when you feel distressed, when you feel pain for others, you are choosing suffering for yourself, as you are feeling this within your own body. It doesn’t affect the other people around you. It affects you only.

  2. Or you create an internal environment of peace, not matter what is going on around you. No matter what other people do and don’t do. You yourself are in peace. You accept what is. You accept the ‘what-is-ness’ and you accept the ‘fucked-up-ness’ from your perspective. It is the inner environment that you want to live in, not the external environment.

We all know the external environment is fucked up. We all know that. It's not a secret. But what are you going to do about it though?

And please don't get me wrong, I am an activist myself. I'm very active and quite outspoken. I show up when needed, but my first priority is to myself, is to my commitment to my inner environment, because if I feel Me, if I feel peaceful, if I feel wholesome within my being, then I can truly show up and be that activated Starseed that I came here to be. And I no longer feel helpless or hopeless. I no longer get trapped for hours and hours, sometimes days or even weeks on end feeling sorry for all the injustice going on on this planet. That is debilitating and I am of no service to anyone and neither are you dear Starseeds.

I know it is a challenging environment on this planet where everything is allowed. So please accept my invitation to come home to yourself, because that is the true challenge here. When you embrace that challenge, there is so much joy on the other side, there is so much compassion and allowing. There is so much freedom within yourself.

And while you still have your strong stances and strong opinions about how the world should or shouldn't be within yourself, you are no longer reacting to the world around you. But you are actively participating and you are creating. You are leading and creating a different world through your own showing-up and through your own actions. That is how you are truly being of service and the bonus is, you feel good about it.

So dear Starseeds, know that you are absolutely dearly loved. Know that you are doing an amazing job here on this sphere of diversity and know that you are needed. This is the most amazing chance to transcend limitation and to find the way back home in a human form.

Love always,


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