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2022 & the 21/12/2021 SUMMER SOLSTICE STARGATE

The current alignments couldn’t be more perfect for where we are going in 2022. Everything lines up!

2022, is a 6-universal year in the age of Aquarius with Saturn and Jupiter transiting through the summer solstice, creating powerful GATEWAYS for us individually and collectively. WOW. What a powerful time.

Starseeds, the Universe presents a ‘Darkness to Light’ Gateway for us.

Earth is literally receiving cosmic support as we transition from living in a 3D artificially controlled matrix reality to 5D liberated unity consciousness.

Right now, humanity is propelled into a new world of freedom, as the forces of power are clinging on to their systems, currencies, tools, and their last stand for power. Their cracks are showing and it seems they will not go down without a fight.

We find ourselves in a period of uncertainty, volatility, fear and death and it’s scary. Humanity is being brainwashed, gaslighted and deceived on a global scale. With that comes division, scapegoating, paranoia, delusion and blaming and shaming. Indeed there is a lot of tension surrounding individuals and collective responsibilities right now.

It seems many have fallen victim to the programming and systems of the old age of power and may fall behind, but when we fully step into our God given power and embody our God/Source Consciousness we can turn this trajectory around and help others to activate their higher consciousnesses.

Now let me share a little bit more about what’s in store for us in 2022, how cosmic forces are her in full support and how everything just so perfectly lines up:


We are transitioning from 2021, a 5-universal year that signified change, movement, travel, technology and versatility, where breakthroughs and discoveries were made in the fields of technology and science. 2021 has been all about personal freedom and changes with unexpected things to happen on a regular basis. The number 5’s main focus is on freedom, especially the expression of one’s individual sense of freedom. Well, didn’t we see all that play out?!

2022 is a 6-universal year. It carries the energies of love, responsibility, justice and caring for the welfare of our family and communities at large. Number 6 resonates with home and family, harmony, healing, and idealism. The 6 energy supports people coming together to improve their communities, building a base or structure. The expression of self-love will be paramount in the next year.

2022 also includes three vibrations of number 2 which vibrates duality, balance and adaptability, faith and trust, cooperation and diplomacy. This number also represents love, family, and partnerships. In addition 2022 contains the ‘master number’ 22, an energy of the master builder which channels cosmic wisdom down to Earth and uses it to turn incredible dreams into reality.

2022 brings the perfect energy to actively create 5D communities of the new earth which exist outside the controlled 3D AI-matrix.


On December 21st, 2020 the world witnessed ‘The Great Conjunction’ of Jupiter and Saturn during the Winter Solstice at zero degrees in the constellation of zodiacal air sign Aquarius. As we enter the 2160 year cycle of the Age of Aquarius, it foretells a shift beyond technological and medical innovations and calls for a better way of working with each other and a greater sense of community spirit. Aquarius is associated with electricity, computers, flight, democracy, freedom, humanitarianism, idealism, modernisation, rebellion, nonconformity, philanthropy, veracity, perseverance, humanity, and irresolution.

The sign of Aquarius is also characterised by intelligence and coming together in an effort to create something for the greater good. It’s themes of technology, innovation, and community will work in our favour, if we choose to become critical thinkers, thoughtful and conscientious about how we are showing up for our communities. Aquarius is all about collective responsibility and on deeper levels, it is also about connecting with the inner healer that is present within us all.

A common position expressed by many astrologers sees the Age of Aquarius as that time, when humanity takes control of the Earth and its own destiny as its rightful heritage, with the destiny of humanity being the revelation of truth and the expansion of consciousness, and that some people will experience mental enlightenment in advance of others and therefore be recognised as the new leaders in the world.

Can you see how this is played out by both sides of the governing forces on this planet? The dark forces are certainly using the momentum of these great constellations and so must WE step into the momentum and us these alignments for GOOD.


The year 2020 kicked off a decade of an astrological cycle known as the Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Transformation, or the Great Transformation which could signal a tectonic shift in political, financial, and personal realms. To be precise, this happened on December 21, 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn conjoined in the sign of Aquarius with the Great Conjunction.

The big planets' joint trip in the fixed air sign could feel like we're moving away from a time ruled by the old guard and antiquated structures, especially related to power. And with Aquarius at the helm, we might begin steering toward a new way of working together to achieve our goals, prioritising the good of community as a whole.

Saturn is the planet of restriction, limitations, boundaries, discipline, authority figures, and challenges, but it can also serve as a stabilising force. It can serve as a reminder that you often need to learn hard lessons and do the work to better understand yourself and the world around you, evolve, and grow. And its effect can also bolster commitment and help create lasting foundations and structures.

Jupiter, one of the most important planets in Astrology will transits in Aquarius on November 21, 2021 until 13th April 2022. Planet Jupiter is hailed as the Guru/Teacher. It is a kind and benevolent planet and the planet of religion and spirituality. Jupiter removes ignorance and darkness and offers wisdom through light.

Jupiter is a fiery, noble, fruitful, benevolent, masculine, buoyant, optimistic, expansive, jovial, positive and dignified planet. It also characterises fortune, wealth, luck, luck, morality, spirituality, devotion and faith. It rules legal, financial, political and educational departments and calls for a positive change to lawyers, government leaders and religion.

For nearly five months both Jupiter and Saturn will remain in this position, a great time to make use of the planetary powers available to us.


During the Summer solstice, the Sun reaches its highest point in the sky and gives us our longest day of the year. The Summer solstice is an energetically charged day and an important one to set intentions. It reminds us to turn inward and find the nourishment needed to grow and evolve, as we celebrate the nourishing light of the Sun and the light within each of us.

The Summer solstice represents the transition from action to nourishment as we travel from darkness to light. Summer reminds us that there is hope in the world, that the light within us can spread to the far reaches of the globe and inspire others. We can nurture others, just as the Sun nurtures us. Summer becomes a time to work on ourselves and our ability to be the light and find meaning in our journey, even when it seems uncertain.

Through honouring this day of light, we energetically set in motion a period of awakening in our consciousness.

Starseed, you can tap into these cosmic energies and consciously bring them into your field to support you throughout 2022.

And if you wish to find out how I prepare myself for 2022 and bring myself into alignment with the cosmic forces, please listen to the replay of the 21/12/2021 Summer Solstice Stargate Webinar. It will be available after the 21/12/2021 Summer Solstice Live Event . This webinar is jam-packed with knowledge, ancient wisdom teachings, tools, and support to help you in awakening the cosmic forces within you and to adapt to the coming changes that are rapidly taking place. The webinar will support you to shift from fear to freedom, transition from 3D-5D, raise your vibration and expand into unity consciousness all year long.

By aligning yourself with these supportive energies, you not only shift individually but collectively as a service to humanity, ushering in a world of unity consciousness in which everyone is respected and celebrated as a free and sovereign being.

If you wish to attend live, the webinar and alignment meditation will be streamed on the 21st December 2021 at 12pm Australian Eastern Standard Time.


  • Understanding that we are witnessing a pivotal moment of Earth’s history

  • The crossroad humanity finds itself at right now and the evolution of human consciousness

  • Ascension symptoms vs flu symptoms

  • Connecting with the Inner Healer

  • How to instantly shift from fear and uncertainty to gratitude and inner peace

  • Becoming completely FREE of FEAR using ‘The ROAR Process’ to exit the 3D matrix of power and control and to step into 5D unity consciousness

  • Clearing all that is not in alignment with our highest purpose

  • How we can show up as an awake leader for our communities

  • Setting your intention with the power of ‘I AM’ statements and stepping into this reality

  • And a 2022 Alignment Meditation

  • Access to replay for the whole year of 2022

Starseed, THE FORCES are WITH US

Remember, all above mentioned alignments including the Aquarian age, are supporting exponential growth in technology, science, communication, humanitarianism and the evolution of human consciousness. The numbers AND the planets align to support this grant shift from power to freedom.

Let us use these cosmic forces to come together in unity and use this opportunity to clear all that is not in alignment with our highest purpose.

Activate Starseed, and join millions of other Starseeds, Lightbearers, Cyclebreakers, Healers and Wayshowers, as we blast the old 3D power and control grid systems with light and reinforce the New Earth grid of 5D Unity Consciousness.

With love always,


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