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by virginie esprit

Your journey to inner peace begins here...


Experience the renewal of your internal energy and embrace a sense of physical and mental well-being through my pre-recorded guided meditations.


Each guided meditation has been thoughtfully designed to support physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing. There are XX themes ready for you to go on a journey to ultimately help you calm the mind and foster emotional balance, reduce stress, and promote a sense of harmony that radiates into every aspect of your life.

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Release the tension, quiet the noise, and find peace within you through guided meditation

Are you stuck in a cycle that seems impossible to manage?

If you're someone who has navigated the realms of counseling, psychology sessions, and professional treatments, yet a sense of fulfillment eludes you, it's time to explore a different path.


How can my guided meditations help you?

  • Release Tension: As we journey deeper, let go of any tension or stress. With each exhale, visualize the release of negative energy, leaving your body and dissipating into the ether.

  • Bring awareness to your body. Feel the points of contact with the ground or the surface beneath you. Notice any sensations, and with each breath, allow your body to relax, starting from your toes up to the crown of your head.

  • Inner Exploration: Allow your mind to wander within. Explore the landscapes of your thoughts and emotions. Without judgment, observe each thought as it arises, and then let it gently drift away, like leaves floating down a stream.

Explore my Guided Meditation library to find a meditation that speaks to your unique needs, whether it's for relaxation, stress relief or mindfulness.

Explore our diverse guided meditation collection and discover the perfect session for your unique needs.


About your guide

Hi, I am Virginie Esprit. I am a certified Transformation Meditation Teacher, Trauma Informed Therapist and Energy Healer. For over 15 years now, I have been helping individuals manage chronic illness, release trauma, reduce anxiety and develop their spirituals gifts.


I am also a 7th generation Reiki master teacher of the Usui lineage, an accredited master teacher of Angelic Reiki®, a master teacher of SEKHEM and Celestial Reiki and have initiated over 1000 students into the healing arts, who are now confidently serving their communities by practicing their healing gifts.

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Benefits of meditation

Let the transformative power of guided meditation guide you toward serenity, balance, and a renewed sense of well-being. Your journey to inner peace starts now.
Kind words from clients & students...
Whether you are looking for relief from physical ailments, a balm for emotional wounds, clarity for your mind, or a connection to your spiritual essence, my pre-recored guided meditations are here to serve you.

Take your healing journey further

Heal, grow and thrive in only 8 weeks without endless medical and psychology appointments.

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