Hello, my name is Virginie Esprit and I'm a Starseed. Just like you!


I am a 7th generation Reiki master teacher, intuitive galactic healer, trauma-sensitive counselor, consciousness expansion coach & meditation teacher. I have helped 1000's of people (including myself) heal from hopelessness, childhood trauma, inter-generational trauma, toxic-relationships, depression and chronic illness. And I am here for you to assist you too.

I am here to invite you to the stars and to realign you with your  Universe.

Perhaps you discovered that you are empathic, intuitive, sensitive, clairvoyant, or a cyclebreaker, truthseeker, lightworker or energy healer. In any case, we have one thing in common: THE UNIVERSE.

You are are powerful being and my purpose is to guide you in unlocking and accessing your dormant powers, gifts and teachings, that your soul holds for your mission here on earth at this time. 

Perhaps you're feeling lonely and alienated, perhaps you're dealing with ill-health, physically or mentally. Perhaps you are struggling in relationships and perhaps you even keep finding yourself in toxic relationships. Perhaps you feel like you don't fit in and this planet and it's systems just don't make sense to you. Perhaps you just can't put your finger on why you are here on earth but at the same time feel like you have something important to do or share. 


You might be highly sensitive and empathic to the point of total exhaustion and to top it off you may be feeling a sense of urgency to help others and of course yourself, but you just don't know how or what that even looks like.


I've been there Starseed. I get it!

You can move out of this matrix of confusion and shift your mindset from a controlled 3D to a liberated 5D awareness so that you can heal completely and embody your cosmic consciousness confidently. Let me support you in READ MORE...

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expand your universe with me

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Join a group of like-hearted Starseeds who break inter-generational trauma bonds, ancestral patterns, upgrade and activate their DNA, shift their relationships from 3D to 5D and embody their cosmic consciousness.


An intimate 12 months program of weekly 1x1 and group sessions with Virginie and 12 other Starseeds.

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A comprehensive collection of consciousness expanding material.


Information you won't get anywhere in the traditional education and alternative systems.


Upgrading outdated spiritual teachings and connecting you with your higher wisdom and truth by offering step-by-step guidance to develop your spiritual gifts in your own time from wherever you are.

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1X1 Sessions with Intuitive Healer

Virginie in person and online.

Trauma Release

Cellular Memory Release

Intuitive Counselling

Inner Child Healing

Spiritual Healing

Reiki Healing

Past Life Regression

Implant Removal

Akashic Record Reading

Angel / Oracle Card Reading

and more...


I don't think I have ever felt this empowered as a human being and it is such an honour to share it with you. I feel very blessed, seen and heard. Thank you for your support.

—  Susan, Australia

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