reiki therapy
to improve
your health

Reiki activates the natural healing process of the patient's body through stress reduction and relaxation. It restores physical, emotional and mental well-being,

cmr therapy
for trauma

Cellular Memory Release enables you to process emotional and physical trauma by clearing cellular memory and setting the reactive mind free from triggers.


With an AromaTouch® Healing the physical body receives cell rejuvenating nourishment which may decrease inflammation, strengthen the immune system and calm the nervous system, while universal life fore energy, balances and realigns the chakra system and energy field.

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sound healing

During a Sound Healing session the 432hz clear quartz crystal instruments not only disconnect the body and the consciousness from the 440hz prison matrix but align all levels of being to the original vibration of the universe. It will shatter implant technology, sever connections to lower vibrational entities & reconnect you to your life’s path and purpose.

become a

Learn how to faciliate healing for yourself and others by becoming a certified practitioner and master teacher of Usui Reiki, Angelic Reiki, Celestial Reiki and/or Sekhem.

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