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trauma release

cmr therapy

Cellular Memory Release enables you to process emotional and physical trauma by clearing cellular memory and setting the reactive mind free from triggers.


Your cells store genetic information from your ancestors. Traumas, suffering and abuse experienced or inflicted by our forefathers and mothers are being passed on through the family lineage to the next generation. If not cleared, such energetic imprints can manifest in the body as (hereditary) disease or mental illness.


This proven therapy will release all such stored traumatic events from past generations in your body. It will not only help you move on trigger free but also have you and your future generations thrive in life.

the research

Cellular Memory Release also called Emotional Release Therapy is a known consciousness technology amongst Quantum Biologists and Physicists. They call it the science of epigenetics. It explores how cellular chemical reactions switch genes on and off.

Research in that field shows that stress, diet, behaviour, toxins and environmental factors activate chemical switches that regulate gene expression. Environmental influences are more prominent in causing illness than genes and new cancer  research suggests that genetic factors influence the occurrence of illness a mere 10% of the time, rather than the perception of our environment, which is responsible for our body’s health 90% of the time.

what does that mean?

It means that we are NOT victims of our genes as we used to think. We can change our perceptions and thus change our health. That’s highly exciting news! The old biology used to take away choice and control the outcome. When you tell people they are victims, their power is diminished. CMR Therapy can help people change their perceptions so they can change their outcomes.

how does it work

The cell is a data “chip” by its definition. Our perceptual memories and beliefs are stored in the cell membrane and constantly being transmitted to the brain for interpretation. The mind responds to these vibrational messages by creating coherence between belief and reality. In other words, when your cells transmit to your mind, the mind works diligently to create the same chemical reality in your body. Thus, if you believe you will get sick, your mind will coordinate your cells to make it true. And if your cells transmit signals suggesting you are vibrant and healthy, your mind again will go about making that happen. This power of perception is demonstrated in studies, which found adopted children get cancer with the same propensity as their blood siblings both raised in the same family, yet from different genetics.

the session

A CMR Therapy session can take up to 90 minutes including interview and feedback time. All sessions are scheduled individually as private consultations and absolutely confidential. Issues, whether physical, mental or emotional, are being adressed in a safe and supportive environment. CMR Therapy sessions are complementary to medical treatments and can enhance the healing process greatly. While most issues can be resolved after 1 session, severe trauma may be released over a period of sessions.

a scientist explains

Watch how Prof. Dr. Bruce Lipton explains cellular memory in just under one minute. He is a stem cell biologist and internationally recognised leader in bridging science and spirituality. He is the bestselling author of "The Biology of Belief" and recipient of the 2009 Goi Peace Award.

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