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What if you had the tools and language to help your child navigate his or her sensitivity to the environment, anxiety, anger and nightmares without feeling helpless and frustrated,
so that your whole family can confidently enjoy life together.

Live Webinars
every 2nd Friday


  • Very bright, smart, well ahead of their time and somehow 'different' to other children.

  • High emotional intelligence and empathy.

  • Curious and even concerned about 'grown up topics' like animal well-fare, bullying, environmental issues and politics.

  • Sensitivity to his/her environment resulting in anxiety attacks or tantrums.

  • Scared sleeping alone and complaining about nightmares, monsters and shadows in the room.

  • Seeing 'ghosts' or passed over family members.

  • Doesn't like leaving your side, much less go to daycare or school.

  • You have asked Google whether your child is an indigo child, a crystal child, a rainbow child or a diamond child.

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Doctors may be well equipped for the biomedical aspects of care but not for the challenges of understanding the psychological, emotional and energetic needs our new generation of children needs. The awareness and emotional intelligence of children born these days is way beyond the average person. Humanity is evolving and we are seeing this in our children. Their senses are heightened, their consciousness already expanded and their sense of knowing is beyond their years. The lack of energetic and emotional support as well as the lack of recognition and understanding of their perceptions of the world and their sensitivity is disheartening and frustrating for them. As long as the medical industry dismisses higher active levels of consciousness and quantum realms that these children are tapping into, our beautiful children continue to be mislabeled, misdiagnosed and mistreated, which causes even greater problems for them.

"We have to understand that these children are here challenge the status quo." - Virginie Esprit

imagine this...

What if I told you there was a better way?

Raising conscious children by moving from feeling helpless and frustrated to feeling empowered in your parenting by supporting your child with simple energetic tools and a language that makes sense to them.


 Each webinar is structured in the same way and discusses one particular issue at a time in a way that both you and your child can easily understand. Each issue/topic is presented from the psychological and the spiritual point of view and explains the corresponding signs and symptoms that you and your child may be experiencing on a daily basis, especially around bedtime.

The Language
The webinars are designed to give you a language to describe what may be happening to your child. It also features a section that focuses on the language for your child, so that you can talk to your child without overwhelming him/her. The aim is to identify symptoms and signs related to the issue discussed and to provide the appropriate tool or action step.

Simple Tools

Each webinar gives you tools and practical applications on how to manage the issues discussed. It also supports you in how to teach your child to apply simple tools for themselves so they can manage their symptoms independently and can grow into confident and conscious human beings, following their life's purpose without fear and trauma.

Kind words from clients & students...


Parenting With Awareness Webinar Series!

Raising conscious children by moving from feeling helpless and frustrated to feeling empowered in your parenting by supporting your child with simple energetic tools and a language that makes sense to them.

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Here's what's included:

​A heart-centred approach in a loving and supportive online environment that invites new ideas, concepts and approaches to be shared and discussed free of judgement.

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 Live Group

Coaching and Q&A

  • Each webinar includes a live group coaching and Q&A segment, so that you can use the tools confidently for yourself, your child and your family.


Replay Access

  • You will have access to the replay of every webinar you have registered for, so you can stream it anytime if you missed it or if you want to revisit it.



  • You will be invited to join my private Facebook support group. A beautiful community of like-hearted individuals with similar experiences who support one another.

there is more...

Let's talk about previous recordings from this webinar series:

Discover how to protect your child's energy and how to teach them to protect theselves.

Protecting your child's energy.png

Learn what to do when your child sees monsters, ghosts and shadow people in the room.

Monsters and Shadows.png

Know how to clear your child's energy field of negative debris and teach them how to do it too.

Clearing Negative energies.png

let's be honest...

You are in the RIGHT place if:

  • Your child is 'different' to other children and you want to deeper connect, help and understand your child better.

  • Your child is sensitive to stimuli and negative and chaotic energies around certain people and places.

  • You are willing to look at yourself in an open and honest way.

  • You are open to new ideas and concepts and are willing to apply the tools.

You are in the WRONG place if:

  • You believe that every child will eventually fit into society through strict discipline methods and punishment.

  • You think your child is overreacting, too emotional and making things up.

  • You are not open and willing to look at yourself in an honest and open way.

  • You are closed minded to the idea that there is a binding force or higher power that connects everything.

I am Virginie Esprit!

Mother to an amazingly kind and compassionate 5 year old daughter who is beyond her years. She is an angelic incarnation and speaks of past lives she and I had together often. She knows which people can see the world with their third eye and which cannot. She is already a very confident leader and has no reservation to stand up to bullies to protect herself and her friends. She is also highly concerned about the status quo of the world, in particular the government.

Over the past 15 years I have worked with children and their parents to overcome night terrors, bed-wetting, anxiety attacks, insomnia, fear of monsters, fear of dying and so much more.

I have also taught many young people Reiki, the art of hands-on healing and how to connect with their angelic and higher selves which they are already so in tune with.
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join the next webinar...

Parenting With Awareness Webinar Series!

Move from feeling helpless and frustrated to feeling empowered in your parenting by supporting your child with simple energetic tools and a language that makes sense to them.

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