2022 Starseed
Transformation Program

An epic transformation

The 2022 Transformation Program

  • weekly 1 on 1 online counselling sessions tailored to the Starseed's individual needs

  • weekly Q&A online group session with all 12 Starseeds 

  • private and group sessions available on demand as replays

  • internal booking system to keep track of your private sessions and group sessions

  • private online support group forum

  • work sheets and reading material provided throughout terms

  • 4 terms / payments

​Plus 50% discount on all workshops, courses and webinars during the time of the program.

Two Dried Leaves

TERM 1 | Personal Development

This term includes 7 individual 1-on-1 sessions and 8 group sessions.

WEEK 1-8:

  • Introduction: What are Starseeds, Cosmic Volunteers, Lightworkers, Wayshowers and Cyclebreakers, Empaths and Intuitives

  • Intention & Goal Setting

  • Where are you at & What is holding you back

  • Understanding your family constellation and ancestral trauma

  • Recognising and releasing traumas and blockages past, present, future

  • Clearing ancestral trauma and abuse, outdated programming from genetic lineage

  • Removing implant technologies and entities (physical and mental)

  • Clearing of cellular memory and past life trauma

TERM 2 | Interpersonal Development

This term includes 9 individual 1-on-1 sessions and 10 group sessions.

WEEK 1-10:

  • Introduction: How to socialise and survive relationships as a Starseed and Empath

  • Becoming clear on your struggles in relationships

  • Navigating difficult relationships

  • How to be yourself and show up empowered in relationships 

  • How to navigate through relationships as an empath and highly sensitive being

  • Understanding your Energetic Anatomy and how to use it to maintain high energy

  • Opposites Attract vs Like Attracts Like

  • Finding YOUR Truth - The Flower of Life principle

  • Energetic Anatomy: The 7 levels of your being

  • How to deal with emotional pain - Cellular Memory Release & Inner Child Healing

Two Dried Leaves

TERM 3 | Spiritual Development

This term includes 9 individual 1-on-1 sessions and 10 group sessions.

WEEK 1-10:

  • Who Am I? Tapping into Higher Selves - Activating The Feeling Body for communication with higher realms.

  • Consciousness Expansion & Feeling Body Activation - Where are you at?

  • What is Multi-Dimensional Living & Communication (1D-5D)

  • Energetic Anatomy Upgrade: Your Divine 7 Levels of Being

  • Connecting to your Soul Family

  • Establishing 'home' connections to Galactic Civilisations

  • Sacred Geometry and Symbolism

  • How to deal with Psychic Attacks & Dark Entities

  • Channeling, Shapeshifting, Telepathy, Telekinesis

  • The Matrix and Planetary Gridwork

TERM 4 | Cosmic Consciousness

This term includes 10 individual 1-on-1 sessions and 11 group sessions.

WEEK 1-11

  • Embodying Cosmic Consciousness

  • The New YOU

  • Multi-dimensional living

  • Getting clear on your higher purpose(s)

  • Deepening your understanding as a Starseed, Cosmic Volunteer, Lightworker, Wayshower and Cyclebreaker, Empath and Intuitive

  • Energetic Healing: How to facilitate a Healing session for yourself and others using your own unique skill set

  • Energetic Healing: Psychic Surgery, Past Life Healing, Removal of Implant Technology and Chips

  • Review: - Realisations, Areas of Growth, How far have you come, Who are you today?

Two Dried Leaves


The 2022 transformation program will be structured into 4 terms.

Term 1 | 11 February - 2 April 2021

Term 2 | 19 April - 25 June 2021

Term 3 | 12 July - 17 September 2021

Term 4 | 5 October - 17 December 2021

By enrolling into the 2022 Transformation program you commit to 12 months of mentoring with Virginie Esprit and being charged $1200.00 (AUD) at the beginning of each term. Payment plans available on request.

After enrolment, I will be in touch to organise and set up our 1-on-1 appointment schedule for term 1.

Click the phone icon if you wish to speak with Virginie before committing