Reiki activates the natural healing process of the patient's body through stress reduction and relaxation. It restores physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Most behavioral, emotional and relationship difficulties stem from accumulated childhood traumas, fears, angers and the primal need of the inner child for love, acceptance, protection and understanding.

Trauma Release aka Cellular Memory Release enables you to process emotional and physical trauma by clearing cellular memory and setting the reactive mind free from triggers.

Healing with the Angelic Kingdom of Light is one of the highest frequencies available to earth. The consciousness of the Angelic Realm is of pure divinity and unconditional love, healing on mulit-dimensional levels and activating DNA.

Sometimes sudden traumatic events can cause a soul to fragment and leave parts of itself in a different timeframe, causing unexplained fears, strange behaviour, triggers and blockages.

House Clearings are an ancient ritual to clear a home, property or place of business of former negative energies and influences and to infuse the space with the owners intention.

A Mentorship Program to assist individuals to take their personal and professional life to a higher level, tapping into and following one's life purpose while facilitating great change for oneself and others.

Teenagers these days are torn between old cultural traditions and the new age of modern technology, leaving very little room for true spiritual exploration of self and their roots. 

Starseeds often feel lonely and misunderstood in our society and they need to reconnect to their star origins and connections to bring a sense of identity and belonging which may not be available in normal life on Earth.

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