starseed coaching

Starseeds often feel lonely and misunderstood in our society and they need to reconnect to their star origins and galactic connections to bring a sense of identity and belonging which may not be available in normal life on Earth.

starseed characteristics
  • Feeling of being different, or knowing they are different, even somewhat Alien

  • Viewed as unusual or eccentric even when attempting to fit in

  • Extremely Sensitive

  • Developed Sixth Sense

  • Empathic, Telepathic, Clairvoyant, Clairsentient or Clairaudient 

  • Ability to communicate with extraterrestrial beings on inter-dimensional planes

  • When experiencing OBE or Astral Travel/Projecting will lean towards extraterrestrial planes/realms and visitations from Extraterrestrials.

  • Can influence others energetically or be influenced energetically by other people and beings on higher dimensional planes when communicating between planes

  • Starseed contactees are/have been visited by extraterrestrials from childhood

  • Seem to attract UFO's or have the ability to call visitations telepathically or energetically

  • Ability to blend in/adapt to all kinds of people and situations, able to mimic the energy and characteristics of different groups

  • Attracted to positive, or higher vibrational energy and frequencies

  • Often have very advanced muscle memory (The ability to mimic and perfect physical tasks like dancing, martial arts etc) with very little repetition required

  • Often are advanced intellectually, have the ability to process information fast, or even in some cases download the information required from their higher repository

  • Are often highly creative in art, music, building etc.

  • Are often in tune with nature

  • Can be extremely advanced in the building or use of technology (ie. building computers, programming, IT Graphics, engineering etc)

  • Often Advanced in Mathmatics or Science

  • Early development in childhood, Matured faster Mentally, Physically, Emotionally

  • Often have tendency towards reading, researching or studying

  • Tendency to explore metaphysics, spirituality, new age

  • Innate knowledge they're not from Earth but from the Stars

  • Feel driven towards helping the Earth or Society

  • Advanced or latent at energy manipulation, energy healing

  • Many experience past life regressions/alternate timelines or realities

  • Have a need to find others of like consciousness

  • Feel a need to connect with God/Source/Universal Consciousness

  • Feel they have a mission

  • Feel like home is out there among the stars

  • Many have a very strong immune system or have never broken bones

  • Acute hearing, or can hear outside the Human threshold frequency range of 20 Hz to 20KHz

  • Be prone to unusual sleep patterns, in some cases insomnia


As a Starseed myself, seeded from the Andromedan Galaxy, I understand only too well how lonely life on this earth planet can be. The injustice, cruelty and abuse around nearly every corner is almost too much to bear. Existential questions arise frequently and the purpose of being here is always questioned.

hang in there!

I've been where you are. Hang in there my sweet starseed! There is a very important purpose for your being here on earth at this time.

Let me help you in uncovering your mission and reconnect you to your galactic family of origin so you may remember your most needed gifts and reason for being. I see you. I feel you. We are in this together.

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