How to Survive Relationships as an Empath and Highly Sensitive Individual

- Thursdays | 8pm | 5 Weeks | starting 11 February 2021 | On Zoom -

In this 5 week intensive online course you will learn how to protect your energy and emotional/mental wellbeing as a sensitive person in difficult relationships with family members, friends, collegues and aquaintances. 


We will explore and understand:

  • How to protect your energy and emotional/mental wellbeing in difficult relationships

  • The anatomy and mechanism of the subconscious and childhood trauma

  • Why most empaths and sensitive people end up in abusive relationships with Narcissists and Psychopaths

  • How to take your power back and de-enmesh with your loved ones, friends and colleagues

  • Your 7 major power centres and how to activate them

  • The difference between 3D and 5D relationships

  • Opposites attract vs like attacks like

  • How auras / energetic fields react and communicate subconsciously

  • How weaknesses are exploited 

  • The energetic laws of the universe

  • Finding You and refining your boundaries

  • Defining your values and dealbreakers

Benefits Of This Course...​

  • jam packed with information and practical applications

  • leave equipped to thrive in your relationships

  • feel confident in yourself

  • use the power of your energetic anatomy

  • exit the 3D control matrix of suppression and abuse

  • expand your consciousness into 5D reality

  • join an online community of like-minded hearts and souls

  • access replays on demand

Upon registration, a confirmation email will be sent out to you containing the Zoom link for the course.


Limited spots available.