mentorship program

Welcome to the mentorship program which is designed to assist you in the shifting of your mindset and personal spiritual growth.


Let's start shifting the mindset that created the circumstance you wish to improve, transform or let go of today. Whether it be physically, mentally, emotionally, in your relationships or place of business, through personal mentoring your current needs are being acknowledged and addressed.


During the mentorship you will learn effective tools, techniques and solutions, that can be directly implement in your life, which will assist in the expansion of our your present mindset and the shifting into a higher consciousness of yourself that sets in motion great inner and outer change.


Each time you shift into a higher level of consciousness you align more and more with your higher self, that expanded version of you that has your best interest at heart and has always been there. The more you align your lifestyle to your higher self, the easier life becomes. Relationships begin to work out, your job start to add value to your life and you become happier and more fulfilled in your interactions with life.


As your mentor I work with your higher self and aspire to bring this aspect of yourself into your present awareness, so that your valuable potentials are tapped into and activated


Our time together is a time of honest, raw and authentic connection. The space we create is safe, nurturing and empowering and our sessions are by nature heart based. The tools, techniques and solutions we discuss will make sense to your mind so it starts to assist you in your transformation process instead of holding you back.


If you are ready to activate this higher version of you, then I'll be delighted and deeply honoured to work with you in creating a life you truly love. The longer you allow me to work with you, the more I can support you.


It is a fact that human potential can overcome any circumstance no matter how big or small.

"We are each responsible for our own life - no other person is or even can be."

Oprah Winfrey

Free initial interview

4 weeks of personal growth

2 hours per week private mentoring sessions via skype or in person

Q&A email correspondence




- FREE 60 min intake interview

- 4 weeks of personal growth


- 2 hours per week private mentoring sessions via skype or in person


- Q&A email correspondence during the 4 weeks

US $ 750

reg. US $ 1,320




- FREE 60 min intake interview

- 8 weeks of personal growth


- 2 hours per week private mentoring sessions via skype or in person


- Q&A email correspondence during the 8 weeks


US $ 1,500

reg. US $ 2,640

who this mentorship is for

Whether you are a high profile professional, a student, or a stay at home mom you are first and foremost a human being. A human being with needs, wishes, desires and certain ideals. Fundamentally we are made out of the same substance. And it is in our nature to want to live in harmony and better understand life, our partners and ourselves.

This mentorship however is not for everyone! It is a transformational program to personal empowerment which questions your current modes of behaviour and belief systems which once transformed, lead to a great sense of inner freedom. Only 2% of the world population are willing to question reality as they know it and act on the desire to uncover their purpose in life. The people in this minority share the following common attributes:

  • ​Genuine and honest about their desires and current life situation

  • Open and transparent about their life experiences

  • Willingness to accept concepts that are outside the box

  • Readiness to explore the deepest grounds of themselves

  • Curiosity and eagerness to delve into worlds never known existed

Are you part of this minority? Let's work together.

what you will receive
  • Your personal mentor who you can be open, raw and vulnerable with

  • Free initial 60 minute interview in which we discuss your circumstances and intentions and appoint dates for the mentoring sessions

  • 2 solid hours per week of private mentoring via skype or in person

  • Mp3 recordings of the mentoring session so you can replay the techniques discussed anytime

  • Study and self-evaluation sheets that assist in the implementation of the knowledge gained

  • Personal Q&A email correspondence during the program

  • Discounted access to online courses offered on this website

what you will discover

Depending on your intended outcome, the mentorship program can include, but is not limited to...


The understanding of EGO (The healthy EGO and The unhealthy EGO)

Despite the common belief of the new age movement, that EGO is 'bad', I say EGO is good. If it is understood. You will learn to recognize when EGO is holding you back from a breakthrough, because it wants to protect you, and when it offers you analytical feedback that will help you break through.


How to tap into the bigger version of you (soul essence), answering the question "Who am I?"

Yes there is a way of contacting that bigger and greater version of yourself (some call it higher self). That 'higher self' has your best interest at heart and wants you to live a life you fully enjoy and absolutely love. You will learn how to establish a communication line with that greater version of you so you can become your own counselor.


The 7 levels of your being

Every seven years from birth to adulthood we grow into another level of being, which brings with it an awareness of consciousness in which we experience ourselves in relation to our external environment. Learnig about the major seven levels of being, you become aware of patterns of behaviour and an understanding of why you react the way you do.


Clearing of cellular memory

Our body is so magnificent in that it stores every information ever given, every memory ever made and every trauma inflicted. This accumulation of data is held in the body's cellular structure. In most cases the body's cells are overloaded and charged with traumatic information which causes great confusion and anxiety in someones life. Those cells can be contacted to facilitate a discharge, which enables the person to move on in life with ease.


How to help the body heal

The body is a remarkably intelligent design, able to heal itself from little cuts through to major illness when given the opportunity. You will learn how to access the innate healing power of your own body, how to direct that healing power to trouble spots and how to accelerate the healing process.


How to overcome physical pain

Pain is the body's way of communicating a need to you. You will learn the language of your body, how to respond to the need communicated to you and how to sooth and eventually overcome the pain.


How to deal with emotional pain

Emotional pain is a memory you identified yourself with and the need to hold on to an ideal. Even though it can't be seen it is very real in its existence. An emotion is an energetic motion (e-motion) that has been held 'captive'. The inability to move creates pressure and causes pain.  And one can hold onto that pain for years. You will learn how to access that emotion painfree and how to move it. When you allow that e-motion to move, the pain also moves. 'The only way out is the way through'.


How to stop the chatty monkey mind (nag, nag, nag, nag, nag, ...)

Your mind is designed to think, to analyse and to record every experience in your life. The crux is 'Are you letting your mind control you, or are you in control of your mind?' You will learn how to deal with the chatty monkey mind, how to go beyond it and how to access your very own still-point. You will get to experience total stillness, tranquility and peace within yourself.


How to break through sadness

Sadness is an emotion you are holding onto. Usually expressed as a result of loss. Your EGO tries its best to protect that sadness as it has identified itself with the circumstance. You will learn how to understand where the sadness stems from and how to shift it into a positive memory.


Overcoming inner struggles

Inner struggles usually arise out of confusion and conflict. Conflicts are a result of the mind replaying different kinds of collected information of the same kind. The mind presents various suggestions to the one present situation which in turn becomes confusing and the circle closes. Inner struggles are born. You will learn how to break that circle, how to discern your minds information and how to move forward.

Inner Child Healing

Most destructive behavior patterns and mental disorders are, as Freud first intimated, more or less related to this unconscious part of ourselves; The Inner Child. Destructive behavior takes various forms: from subtle self-sabotage and self-defeating patterns to passive hostility to severe self-destructive symptoms, violent aggression and, sometimes, evil deeds. Most individuals are quite unaware of their hurt inner child. And this lack of conscious relatedness to your own inner child is where so many behavioral, emotional and relationship difficulties stem from. You will learn to take your inner child seriously, and to consciously communicate with that little girl or boy within: to listen to how he or she feels and what he or she needs from you here and now. It holds accumulated childhood hurts, traumas, fears and angers and the frustrated primal needs of that inner child for love, acceptance, protection, nurturance and understanding remain the same today in your adult life.

Past Life Trauma Release

Sometimes traumatic incidents from a previous life can influence your behaviour in this life. You might feel that no matter what you try or where you set out to go, you never seem to get there. I will guide you to that place and time, to release that trauma that is still impacting you in this life so you can accomplish what you want.


Soul Essence - Body Activation

Your soul essence (the greater version of you) and your body are two diffrent entities speaking two different languages. Both existing in their very own right. One is purely ethereal, the other is purely physical. You will learn how to speak the language of both and how to bring them in alignment so you can experience more harmony within yourself and your life.


Soul Family Connection

Some of you may feel like the odd one out or are described as 'weird'. You know you are 'different' and most likely feel like you don't belong here. You miss your 'real' family and yearn for 'home' (pointing to the sky). The Soul Family Connection allows you to connect to your origin and the place outside of this time that you call home, bringing a sense of peace and purpose back into your life.




- FREE 60 min intake interview

- 4 weeks of personal growth


- 2 hours per week private mentoring sessions via skype or in person


- Q&A email correspondence during the 4 weeks

$ 750

regular $ 1,320




- FREE 60 min intake interview

- 8 weeks of personal growth


- 2 hours per week private mentoring sessions via skype or in person


- Q&A email correspondence during the 4 weeks


$ 1,500

regular $ 2,640

why a minimum of 30 days

Mystical wisdom teachings have always known, and science has now proven, that it takes 21-28 days to break a habbit. This is due to our cells constantly renewing themselves, which suggests that physically we are not the same person we were 6 months ago. That concept allows us to literally grow into a preferred version of ourselves.


“We are what we repeatedly do.”


after your sign up

Once you have signed up for your mentorship program you will be send a simple interview and self-evaluation sheet which will be the basis for our initial free interview. It will assist you and me in formulating your intention and desired outcome and will be the guideline throughout the program. This interview and self-evaluation sheet will also let you state your preferred time for our initial interview. Regardless of the interview and self-evaluation sheet, I will be available to you for any questions regarding the administration process. We will always keep it simple.

I look forward to working with you :)

what people say

Thank you for an amazingly transformational time with you Virginie. I feel so at home with you and am very blessed to have experienced All That Is. I finally feel home in a way I have never ever EVER felt! My sense of duty on this planet finally has direction. THANK YOU!! So much makes sense now. I can see clearly what I have always known was there: but was too scared to accept. Thank you deeply for your companionship and unbridled generosity. 


Natayla, NSW

Dear Virginie thank you so much for the wonderful program. I am so so glad I signed up. It was an emotional time leading up to it. I was suffering terrible PMS, nervousness and tears. But everything is of perfect timing and it was meant to be, bearing my raw emotions and all (I usually retreat into my ‘cave’ when I get like this). You are a beautiful soul shining from the inside out and I thoroughly enjoyed the guidance and conversations with you. It was truly a magical journey. Thank you so much for doing what you do!

Robyn, NT

Thank you so much for mentoring and guiding my husband. He has had a few a-ha-moments regarding his way of being and to say it has helped our marriage is an understatement. So thank you. It is such a pleasure to connect with like minded souls where we don't feel the need to censor our thoughts. Your knowledge is so versatile and the fact that you are aware of many conspiracy theories blew my mind.

Summah, QLD