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angel & oracle card reading

Angel or Oracle Cards are an extension of the subconscious mind. “Higher” information for guidance is accessed and situations of conflict and uncertainty are displayed, so that conscious decisions can be made.

how a reading helps

Angel or Oracle Cards are an extension of your subconscious mind and allow you access to “higher” information. They help in providing a bigger picture and assist in displaying situations in question in front of your eyes. This is extremely helpful as this form of enquiry brings the inner conflict or insecurity to the external, for you to have a look at and decide  how to proceed from here…

benefits of oracle cards

Oracle Cards are a branch of the traditional Tarot Cards dating back to the 15th century. This form of divination has touched the lives of many individuals, giving them peace, comfort and insight in times of joy and in times of challenges.


Different to Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards are generally designed to enlighten instead of frighten. The language and images used in traditional tarot readings can be fear provoking and confronting. Whereas Angel and Oracle Cards have a gentle and empowering way about them while still thought provoking and eye opening.

how it empowers you

In general Angel and Oracle Cards are designed to indicate a person's present energy as well as future possibilities. That means that a card spread may indicate a certain prediction based on the current consciousness and focus of the enquirer. And that means, no reading is ever set in stone.


Outcomes and events of any reading can be changed when the enquirer shifts his/her consciousness and focus. This is very important to realise, as in here lies the secret of the enquirer’s universal power.

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