Child with a Bear

inner child healing

Most behavioral, emotional and relationship difficulties stem from accumulated childhood traumas, fears, angers and the primal need of the inner child for love, acceptance, protection and understanding.

what it is

As adults, we can be very hard on ourselves. Our own self-judgement and loathing can make healing and moving on difficult. The inner child is a psychotherapeutic concept that arose with Jung, and many therapists use forms of inner child work as a powerful tool to help clients. 

impact of trauma

Childhood trauma leaves a child with shame, which means he or she will feel they have to hide their experience and/or emotions in order to survive.

If you experienced rejection, abandonment, or abuse, you would learn to hide your pain and fear to not be hurt or rejected again.


These repressed emotions then lead to cycles of self-sabotage in adulthood. We either seek the parenting we missed out in other people and always feel disappointed, rejected, and let down when they can’t fulfil our demands, or we refuse to let anyone close to hurt us that much again.


If you were controlled by your parents, or if you were taught to believe you were only acceptable and loveable if you were ‘good’, then you would learn to hide the emotions like sadness or anger that got you into trouble.

how it heals

Working with the 'inner child' gives us the opportunity to reconnect with the soul aspect that has split from the soul essence through shock and trauma at the time in question. This soul aspect is stuck in time, repeating the moment of hurt in order to heal and mend it. However, since it has become a fragmented part in that time frame, it become a trigger in our adult lives.

Seeing unresolved childhood trauma, pain, and repressed emotions as a separate entity, an ‘inner child’, can help you to retrieve this soul aspect, remove triggers and be more compassionate towards yourself. And the more empathy we can show towards ourselves, the faster we can process and heal our pasts.

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