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ILLUMINATIONS is a creative cooperation between Paul Headon, aka Dreamscapist and Virginie Esprit, providing educational meditation recordings for personal growth and spiritual development.

paul headon

Now working under the dual aka's of DREAMSCAPIST (Ambient/Cinematic) or ATMOSS-FERRIX (Chill-Out/DownTempo), Paul Headon records composes and (very occasionally) performs his own music which is used primarily for YouTube. In the past Paul has taught music and has released 2 CD's,”The Middle Distance” (2001) and “Equanimity” (2011).He was also an FM radio presenter for 10 years with his Ambient music program, Sirius FM Music (106.9 Vox FM), as well as composing an original score for a local theatrical production of “The Tempest” (2003). He has worked with YouTube meditation guru, Jason Stephenson and has composed music

for the Nan Tien Buddhist temple, having these song performed in Taiwan and Malaysia. Paul has performed his calming music at this beautiful temple, as well as at the Brahma Kumaris Meditation Centre, Innerspace. Paul has also started to work with life-affirmation coach and Reiki healer, Virginie Esprit on a project called “Illuminations”. So please, sit down, relax and enjoy the dream…

virginie esprit

Virginie Esprit is a practicing & certified Meditation Teacher and has been facilitating meditation classes in the Illawarra, NSW Australia for nearly a decade. She has been a voice over artist for online meditation YouTube guru Jason Stephenson and also offers free guided meditations on her own YouTube channel. Virginie is a Reiki Master and passionate Energy Healer assisting clients to overcome life challenges, chronic stress and anxiety through trauma release therapy and mindful communication with body, mind and soul. Virginie works with the Angelic and Galactic realms on DNA level for regeneration, ancestral clearing and soul integration.


Illuminations mission is to educate NOT entertain their audience, offering valuable content through their online courses and meditation recordings, that assist the listener/meditator to enhance their quality of life. We are living in a very exciting time, where many wisdom teachings and tools to expand our consciousness are available to us now, so we can break free from outdated, suppressive and indoctrinated traditions which were passed down from generations and are still running through our veins, ready to be cleared.

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