Burst of Light

reiki level 3 | master teacher

This final level takes you to master level. Your focus will shift from student to master and you are required to have adapted a lifestyle that reflects the Reiki principles in your every day life. You will gain a deep understanding about the power of sequencing Reiki symbols and learn how to attune your own students.

about the Master level

Becoming a Reiki Master means changing yourself, so that you can be of service to mankind. You need to be aware of all that you might say to another individual, and how you say it. The responsibility is a great one. For, when you decide to teach another, you must have yourself sorted out and your priorities in order so that you can teach with clarity, with knowledge and the confidence necessary to enable the individual to learn in the easiest possible way.


With the initiation into the Master Degree, you are asked to look at your life in a honest way. Ask yourself whether you are intolerant, impatient, stubborn, angry, bitter, even greedy, lonely or with fears about the future.


In our heart of hearts we all want to make progress, to change, to become enlightened. But, we do not need to wait for the perfect situation, for everything to be right, before we can let go and change. We can begin right now. Circumstances and people around us are constantly in a state of change too. This is a blessing in disguise, for it hands us continuously the opportunity to blossom, to be free of our selves and so to become truly who we are meant to be.


With the learning of Reiki Masters, tools will be given to you to enable you to get where you are going as regards being able to teach others.


Recall the old saying: “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” This of course is reflected in all areas of our lives, not just in the teaching of Reiki. 

Each level is taught in one day by appointment during the week and on weekends. The student is strongly encouraged to gain plenty of healing experience before completing the master teacher training.

  • Living and understanding the Reiki principles

  • How to teach and attune students

  • Teaching attunment procedures

  • Introducing the Master Symbol

what you receive
  • 1 Master Attunement

  • Comprehensive Reiki Master Teacher manual

  • Certificate of Completion 'Reiki Master Teacher'

  • Teaching material


AUD $450

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