Ray of Light

reiki level 2 | adv. practitioner

The second level teaches you all about the Reiki symbols and discusses the power of sacred symbolism and geometry. You will learn to facilitate distance healing and learn to shortcut and amplify your Reiki healing.

about level 2

The initiation into the second degree of Reiki takes place through a Reiki Master, who mentally prepares students and gives them the Reiki Symbols in the form discovered, taught and passed on by Dr. Usui and trains the student in their application.


This initiation intensifies the connection with Reiki and increases the vibrations of light in our healing channels and in each of our own energy bodies (the seven main chakras). The aura of a Reiki student initiated into the second degree therefore becomes much stronger and more concentrated in its vibration of light.


This initiation is also followed by 21 days of cleansing. This promotes an intense confrontation with ourselves (in some cases) in accordance with the strong flooding of light in all of our energy bodies, our concept of self, expectations and ideals, rigid modes and patterns of behaviour, hurt feelings and burdening habits in life.


A lot of initiates have already heightened their awareness and use of the light force energy around them, so for them, the initiation doesn’t seem as confronting as it may be for others. It instead just feels like the light is intensified for them and is therefore very right.


Because of the increased light vibrations in the healing channel and in all of the students energy bodies, as well as the use of the symbols, Reiki flows in a much more concentrated manner through the Reiki channel.


Spiritual development, as well as the realisation and development of mental perceptions and powers in daily life is thereby intensified and accelerated.


At the same time, it is possible for the student of the second degree to open up to new dimensions of divine being through the increased light vibrations in his Reiki channel and use of the symbols. This makes it possible to intensify the Universal Life Energy at any given time into a more concentrated form, raise unconscious processes more intensely into consciousness, give mental and distance healings, greet the Divine in its forms of appearance and manifestation, and send Reiki into a situation, a room, a meeting, an experience, a person, a stone, an animal, a plant, a light being, an angel, a Higher Self…


There is an inexhaustible potential here because, no matter how we feel at the moment or what we are doing, we can always send out our Reiki. 


Each level is taught in one day by appointment during the week and on weekends. The student is strongly encouraged to gain plenty of healing experience before completing the master teacher training.

  • Sharing and deepening Reiki healing experiences

  • Introducing the Reiki sacred symbols

  • Healing techniques using the symbols

  • Distance Healing

what you receive
  • 2 Reiki Attunements

  • • Comprehensive Reiki Level 2 manual

  • • Certificate of Completion 'Reiki Level 2 Advanced Practitioner'


AUD $450

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