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Virginie is an accredited Master Teacher of Angelic Reiki®, a 7th generation Usui Reiki Master and Sekhem Master Teacher, having initiated over 500 students in the healing arts. 


Virginie is a passionate and active meditation instructor and trauma release therapist, who offers regular workshops on meditation, spiritual development and natural empowered living classes in person and online.

Her meditation classes focus on overcoming stress, anxiety and depression to empower the meditator in all areas of life.

her healing practice

Virginie runs a successful trauma release and Reiki healing practice in Wollongong applying the scientific approaches of epigenetics and somatic body work.


She works with her clients in a safe and relaxed environment to release traumatic charges that keep their body and mind hostage. Virginie helps her clients locate fearful and trapped emotions that hold a high energetic charge originating from physical, sexual, emotional or mental abuse and other traumatic unprocessed life experiences, that hold the client back from thriving and living a life of empowerment and purpose.

implant technology
& starseeds

On a deeper spiritual level, Virginie removes implant technology and disconnects her clients from the reptilian matrix. She works with Starseeds to reconnect to their star origin and family and activates them to recognise and pursue their earth mission and life’s purpose, which involves (but is not limited to) ancestral lineage clearing, DNA activation, multi-dimensional/past-life healing and entity release.

“My greatest joy is to see my clients and students flourish and move forward with excitement and passion to create a life they deserve, feeling free and ever so empowered.” - Virginie Esprit

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